Disappointed by no 3d Support

I was so happy to hear about 3d support for Halo Anniversary that I spent an extra $200 on a 3d capable tv last year. I assumed that if it had 3d support, future Halo games would as well. Boy was I sadly mistaken when my pre-ordered Halo 4 came out, with NO 3d support. At first, I thought it was a mistake on the outside of the box, an oversight. Then I loaded up the game and sure enough, no 3d video options. I was rudely reminded of the no 3d support when I got a hold of my very first Forerunner weapon that formed in my hands as I picked it up. Oh, how awesome that COULD have been, had it only been in 3d.

Please tell me that this will be corrected for the next Halo game, otherwise I don’t see much reason to continue with the series. I mean, it has been over 10 years that I’ve been playing Halo in 2d, that’s old and over done. Especially when you add in the years of other FPS that ALL offer exactly the same 2d experience even if each game is slightly different. A FPS is a FPS, but a FPS in 3d is exciting and new. Especially for those of us old enough to remember how awesome, new and exciting FPS games were in general. I still remember my first time playing Wolfenstein 3D, even it if really was in 2d. I had that feeling with Halo Anniversary as well, even though I’d beaten the original already.

Not putting 3d support in new games, is like not putting in HD support for games a couple of years ago. Once you experience it, you can’t go back. Halo 4, I wanted to salute you, but without 3d support, you’re just another FPS notch on the belt to me.

I think 3d would make shooting in the game too difficult to even shoot as it would make targeting kinda goofy IMO

Not to be a jerk, but 3D TVs are gimmicky and probably won’t last another decade.

I’m really sorry your H4 experience wasn’t what you expected, but that’s the price you pay when you buy into trends.

I hate to admit, that I’m horrible with the sniper rifle. I think it’s the crosshair, I’m great with the DMR. Anyway, I’m fairly accurate with it in Halo Anniversary with 3d on. I’m already great with grenades, but I’m excellent with them in 3d. It really is better for gaming.

It’s not just a trend. 3d is superior to normal TV as Blueray is to DVD, as DVD was to VHS. We see depth all day, it really is nice to experience it along with a game or story. The only thing that’s hurting it right now is cost. And, as we all know, costs go down over time. I remember thinking, “I’ll never buy DVD, it’s not worth the cost to buy a DVD player and all the discs when I can just pay so much less for VHS.” Yet, here I am now thinking there is no way I’ll watch a DVD if Blueray is available.