Disappointed by Event Requirements

Hopefully someone at 343 will read this, but I’m just really disappointed that this event is, like prior events, mandating that we play a specific game mode.

I understand that 343 is likely very excited about the new Battle Royale game mode, and I will at least try it before coming to any conclusions about whether it’s good or not. But…

I know from my own personal experience that I do not enjoy playing Battle Royales. I also absolutely hate Free-For-All game modes, to the point where I actively swapped any Free-For-All required Challenges in Season 1. Seeing that Season 2’s first Event is now mandating that I play not only a Battle Royale but also a Free for All game mode is disheartening. I want to enjoy my time with Halo Infinite, not be frustrated that the rewards I think are really cool are locked behind a game mode that I really hate playing. If it becomes too frustrating to try and progress because of my skill issues with Battle Royales and Free-For-All, I’m just going to go play another game.

I can’t even properly progress the Season 2 pass that I’m more excited for because it will eventually require that I play a game mode I’m not interested in. I will give Last Spartan Standing a shot, but I’m expected it to end up like Season 1’s Free-For-All - I played it once, and then never again touched it.


I cant progress through it either because after I am eliminated in Last Spartan Standing it tells me to quit and my progress will count, after I quit, the progress does not count. I played 5 games and still have no progress toward any challenges.


Yeah, people have been saying since the beginning that challenges should be generic like “Get X kills” and etc. Things you can basically do no matter what game you drop into so you don’t get stuck in games unable to be productive.

But the reality is they use challenges to try to force people to play new game modes and events. This it why it’s never changed.


That’s a major issue that I hope they’ll take the time to fix - maybe they’ll kill switch the event until it’s done?

@dahuterschuter that’s the issue, I feel. I think 343 wants people to play these game modes, but it feels like fans are getting left behind because they don’t really want to.

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Just tested this. It is 100% bugged

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I’m also not a fan of FFA and Battle Royals. It might be a very long 6 months. I guess this is how people felt last season that don’t like fiesta.


When you put it like that…

I can handle the occasional Last Spartan Standing challenge - I’ll probably just Swap it or work around not playing it. I just hate that the first event is a game mode I’m not interested in playing as the only way to progress the Pass that I’m really interested in (because the Pass looks awesome)

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It’s not, you get progress when game finishes.

I’ve done some already and also patch notes says it. It’s intended.

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The message that says you can quit without losing any challenges IN THE MATCH ITSELF must be wrong the because the game says otherwise

No sorry you quit fine, but challenges don’t progress until that game ends with a winner. You don’t have to stay to the end.

Then they need to just remove the challenge. Why have a challenge forcing you tp waste time spectating? Might as well go make some food lol

Well you can keep playing and do other challenges but I agree it is silly.

I had one challenge that said to complete 2 Last Spartan Standing matches. First one unlocked later (likely when my first match finished) however the second one did not pop even though I played 3 or 4 additional games. Then I decided to spectate one to the end and lo and behold - the challenge unlocked.

I also completed other challenges with a “delay” due to the way Last Spartan Standing handles it. However the Event Pass did not progress. I quit out of the game and reloaded which then correctly showed my progress in the event pass. I’m not quite sure if I got all the XP towards my BP though.

Anyway - quiting out of the new mode instead of spectating to the end does exhibit some weird behavior. So this is something they should look into soon. Until then I can only suggest that if you see such anomalies you a) check if restarting the game does anything or b) if spectating to completion is helpful.

I hate Fiesta and I don’t enjoy FFA/BR, lol. RIP.


That’s definitely an issue for me as well. Fiesta I could kinda get behind if people were playing Casually, but the huge gulf of difference between non-Power and Power Weapons in Fiesta really threw me off - if your enemy has a Grappleshot and a Sword, nothing short of a Rocket Launcher or Skewer is going to stop them.

I just don’t see the appeal of FFA/BR. For FFA, it’s a game of getting shot from behind constantly and there’s no teamwork component. For BR, you put all the time and effort in, and then you get into a bad situation once, and that’s game.

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Yea some of us are still not getting progreess 8inhave gotten 10 headshots and my thing still says 1 out of 5 headahots. Its bugged

im just so tired of this forced counter productive challenge to progress bs, man

Dude I can’t even progress through the challenges. I’m stuck at 3/5 headshots and 1/2 matches completed…

Iv ahead maybe 2 hours of last Spartan Standing and it won’t credit me any of these challenges. They should have just had it award you once you run out of loves and leave.

The hell kinda Programers does 343 hire can’t even code this crap right

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Having to get 10 melee kills in a mode you dislike is not likely to be very fun for many players. I remember when games used to try to make you have fun. Nobody wants to be siloed to individual playlists, what an awful challenge system, ESPECIALLY in the absence of a normal progression system.

This new mode is honestly the worst halo I have ever experienced. Campers sitting in corners, there is absolutely no skill gap at all. The only ‘skill gap’ I can see is making sure you don’t move so you aren’t spotted first. Completely and utterly useless mode.

Also the mangler will now never be picked up again, it is absolutely useless now. The BR is glitched and broken. They’ve added Br starts on behemoth to team slayer despite how much that was hated in ranked last season. And I’m only an hour in to playing this new season.

Some really poor decisions have been made here


I’ve so far had 2 different melee challenges in last Spartan standing. It is like they are encouraging camping even more than the mode already does