Disappearing Specializations

Anyone else notice their Specializations disappearing? I got the limited edition and I was able to do 4 specializations until the map pack came out last week, and ever since then, my specializations have been removed. Yes, I have re-downloaded the Specialization Priority Alpha code, and that fixed the solution once, but my specs keep disappearing for whatever reason.

Does anyone know of a solution and/or why they disappear like that? I had no problem with them before the map pack came out, and as soon as I was able to download it, my specializations were gone. So I’m assuming something is wrong with the Priority Alpha code.

It happens to me too, its just messing up because of bugs. I always just sign out and then back in again, or go back to the dashboard.

I’ve done that before too, but that doesn’t seem to fix the issue for me. I’ve signed out, dashboarded, and deleted/re-downloaded the DLC and none of them is a guaranteed fix for the issue. I shouldn’t have to hope that my specializations are available by the time I finish my current one.

Has 343 said anything about this, or have they been mute on this issue as well?

You’re not alone.

I have the same problem with you.

Whether I redownloadit, sign in & out ortook out the disk, it just dissapeared.

First I thought it’s because my NAT type, but one time I found those specializations are suddenly showed up, and my NAT is still on strict(not open).

Of course, it’s dissapeared again very fast.

Are you really want to make HALO better, 343?

I have an problem with the specialisations i have the LE halo 4 and i entered the code for the 6 specialisation and now i have lost them i only have Wetwork and Operator when i had them all. need a fix

I have done pretty much the same and they keep reappearing and disappearing. Just then I went on Halo 4 and my Xbox disconnected from Xbox Live. When I was disconnected they appeared and as soon as a I reconnected they were gone again! It is extremely frustrating as I have completed Wetwork and I am halfway through Operator! I will feel extremely ripped off if they haven’t reappeared when I hit SR-70 because I won’t be able to enlist in a new specialisation! So paying my $130 for the LE will just become a huge waste of money! For some reason on another family members profile they are all there without any of the codes being redeemed on their account! I’m getting to the point of pleading with 343 to just unlock the specialisations for everyone!