Disable Keyboard and Mouse in MCC PC?

So I am using my Elite 2 controller on PC and whenever I bump my mouse, it disables my controller and automatically converts to KB/M controls. Is there a way that I can disable this or at least make it so it doesn’t disable the controller? It can stop me in mid fight and I have to wait a few seconds before it switches back to controller.

If there isn’t a way, there should be an option to just disable M/KB input in game if a controller is detected. I want to use my mouse outside of game but in game I really only want to use my controller. Makes it pretty annoying to do if you are constantly accidentally bumping things or streaming and need to do something outside of the game temporarily, etc.

In the meanwhile, you can put your mice on its backside just in case :slight_smile:

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You could uninstall and play on console and not ruin the pc game for everyone trying to play PC for real on mouse/keyboard. Peasant