Disable Instant Respawn in customs?

So…I was under the impression that the recent TU gave players the option of disabling instant respawn/modifying respawn timers in custom games.

However, when I am going through the custom game options I am unable to disable this. I also heard a rumor that you could make the game spawn you instantly (without pressing “x” to spawn). I really wanted to create an Octagon variant where you would spawn instantly without having to press “x” to spawn, but I am not seeing any option to modify these spawn timers.

Can anyone lend a hand?

The recent Title Update will force custom games to obey the respawn time that you select. However, there is no “instant respawn: true / false” option in the custom games menu. If you are finding results that do not follow this logic, please feel free to post and explain further, and we will investigate.

Okay, so I see that the respawn timers do, in fact, obey the amount of time set in the options.

So how do I get instant respawn to work again? I’ve tried creating another Octagon Slayer by modifying the Infinity Slayer variant provided on the disc…but it is now only going to spawn the player 3 seconds after death. Pressing “x” doesn’t make you spawn any faster.