Disable Friendly Fire in Warzone

Alright, it seems like a high proportion of my deaths in Warzone are due to clueless, colorblind teammates that shoot at anything that moves. Seriously, I’ve been sniped/shot at/splattered/naded by my teammates because they don’t care do distinguish Blue from Red Team, and that’s pretty unfortunate and very annoying.

It isnt, for me at least, distinguishing from the blue it is when either you talk or the game comments for you that people cant distinguish red and green. As a red/green colorblind I find myself waiting to see if the “reddish looking” color fades in a second or two before actually doing damage but for the most part I end up just all out hitting anything that looks red.


Um, I’m pretty sure it IS disabled in Warzone… your body can’t block incoming vehicles though, lol.

“Friendly Fire is turned off in this mode to prevent any jerkfaces from killing their teammates and stealing their REQ equipment. Who would do such a thing? Lots of people.” - Bravo

He said it here

Guys, what do you think will be OP’s reaction when he learns that you can only be betrayed by splattering? Sounds like you don’t know what color the player was that shot you.

I’m almost 100% sure there is no friendly fire in war zone except for Vehicle Splatter. Grenades don’t effect your teammates, neither do bullets or guns, only vehicles.

I don’t think turning friendly fire off would improve the gameplay.