Disable Crossplay

@xDemonBrotherx Have you ever played CoD Warzone? The worst experience ever for Xbox players. No option to disable cross-play, no option to increase FOV, etc. No surprise that the player base for Warzone is stable, or even decreased…


you cant. but i could see why i get game crashes for doing anything. lol. like customizing my character. but crossplay is in its baby stages. you gotta change the diaper every now and then. lol.

No.The problem is not just k&m,but also cheaters


Yeah unfortunately that doesn’t work

I have. That’s what Im saying though. Through my experience I don’t notice a problem or have issues with it.

Yes, every game I am in I check every single players gamertag and see the icon for pc. I compare them to the xbox players in each game, so its a 7 to 1 ratio to pc players. Meaning… “7 Pc players to 1 xbox player” per match. I averaged it out from about 20 games worth. I have over 120 played, but I never had issues until recent. MEANING, console players are sick of the unfair balance fighting people who can turn on a dime, or better yet have hacks on there pc. Sure I play pc games too, but I ain’t hooking up my stuff, I shouldn’t have to resort to that, I am being forced to do something I shouldn’t, we ALL are.


Totally agree, also well said.

Ranked has two queues; solo/duo and open.

Open only allows crossplay while solo/duo is where you pick input matchmaking. You and your friend are queueing into open crossplay.

Aimbots, wallhacks… This is because crossplay

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Yup, that’s some pc players for ya. That’s why I hope we can disable crossplay on December 8th

Just played a few ranked games with my not so good friends, and 2 of the players in the last games were blatantly on PC despite it being input based controller matchmaking. Looking at their stats post game, their profiles confirmed they were PC players one of them was Diamond5 and the other Onyx1, and both clearly boosting their friend (these players were in different games btw). Further checking shows that the Onyx players headshot accuracy was 74.8% in all his games…I accept that there are very good players out there and I don’t want to throw around cheating accusations as I may well be wrong but that is bordering on aimbot levels.

I said it months ago that if console players have forced crossplay on Halo Infinite then I won’t be playing this game at all. Just for clarity, having on option to disable input based crossplay isn’t enough…it needs to be platform based to protect console players from the inevitable cheats that will be used and exploited by a small percentage of PC players. Similarly, I don’t care if console players use M&K…at least I know they won’t be cheating.


Totally agree!! I have my fingers crossed that we will see a change on Dec 4th.

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Finally someone who said it! I never noticed an issue when I played on Xbox with crossplay enabled, people are getting outplayed by better pc players and they think they’re playing against hackers lol


That’s not true at all.

Microsoft wants Xbox and pc players to play together, they made this game, they can do whatever they want

yes, pc player is too benefited for the high frame rate in comparison to xbox player. We need a option to disability cross play.


Totally agree. Nvidia released a video showing the difference between frame rates…I didn’t realise how much of an advantage a player would have at higher frame rates including the enemy player locations caused by latency. We need to be on the same level playing field in a fast moving competitive game…but we’re clearly not if platform crossplay is enabled.

Edit: can’t add links on here so Google search Nvidia and “what-is-fps-and-how-it-helps-you-win-games”

Yeah and that is not it. Just google Halo infinite hackers and you will see that some people already encountered them.

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