Disable Bans For Disconnecting

Finally get to hop on after a long days work. Kids are in bed. Play a couple games then crash out on two games in a row. Now I’m banned. What a -Yoink!- joke.


It’s understandable why you’re annoyed, but they can’t disable Bans for disconnecting, as soon as Oddball or a Non-Slayer gametype came on they’d just leave. haha.

But they should bring in some kind of ‘Crash Safety’ feature so that you don’t get banned for a software issue…

Pretty much every online game struggles with an automated ban tool that can’t discern between a DC/crash and someone just closing the app.

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Yea I assumed they couldn’t discern between the two. It is 2021 though when will they figure it out lol.

If they don’t allow a “slayer only” gamemmode, I will be one of those players leaving objective modes.
I don’t feel bad.
I play quickplay. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Yea quickplay shouldn’t matter. They should be able to just add someone in if people leave. Ranked should have a message when you try and quit you will lose an entire rank. I know it’s a lot but don’t play ranked if you plan on quitting

They need to add a timer so when you crash you have a chance to reconnect before you are dropped from the match.

What they need to do is add a rejoin button. If a player doesn’t rejoin the match then they can get the temp ban (etc. But at least let people who crash, or DC on accident have the opportunity to rejoin the game.