Disable Aim Assist

Give the option to disable aim assist entirely if possible.

They really need more menu options.

It would be nice to take Aim Assist off during Campaign. I don’t get why there isn’t more options in video games. I mean Reach had Clench Protection but not other more important options…

Yeah, I know what you’re talking about. The magnetism of aiming is annoying. It makes my reticle follow two opponents at the same time which compromises my kill!

Keep in mind that the xbox controller uses a rectangular coordinate system for aiming. You need some aim-assist but not a whole lot like in Reach where aiming is so easy it has turned into a who sees who first wins type of game. Reduce it in half and everything should be ok. PC use a Polar coordinate system of aim so everything is pretty much faster and you can edit errors within you aiming pretty fast.

I don’t see a benefit, considering the fact that we’re using a gamepad. Toggle aim assist for vehicles would work, however.

I was thinking of multiplayer when I posted but disabled aim assist could also be a campaign skull. Mythic just got a whole lot harder.