Dirty Logic is Recruiting!

Hey guys would love to have you check us out! We are a new clan that plays halo as much as we can. We have a twitch stream that we encourage people to participate and hang out with the crew! Feel free to hit us up with any questions you have!

Spartan Company Bio:

Mashing on stank chains, taking fat chicks home so you can steal her hot friend. We are that crew that has your back no matter what! Come chill with us and play some halo or don’t we don’t care! We are here to have a good time playing the games we love. We love to play Arena and we have Grifball god like skills… as long as the servers are being nice… Join Hatchback, FearfullSTP and Phillycheese in our crazy antics as we try to take over the Gaming world!I Invite your friends its going to be a wild ride!
Shoot us a Spartan Company request anytime.
Company members:
Are aloud to use adult language (Mature members only!!!)
Are aloud to play with who ever they want and are not required to play with company if they don’t feel like it
Are aloud to give leaders a hard time
Are aloud to be salty when they have a bad game
Are encouraged to join in our streams and shoot the ShT with us
There is no requirement to have a positive KD we don’t give a Sh