direction of halo

yo whats goin on guys, been playing halo since ce, just read vetoeds post and would have to agree fullheartedly with it

just going to clear some things up though

343 made halo 4 to be more accessible, and as a direct result the direct population was severed more violently than ned starks head

i also read a bs angel thread saying that they dont cater to the small percentage of people who often come on these forums

now that kindve pissed me off for a couple of reasons

bs angel stated that they will cater to the people who still play the game and still play infinity slayer and what not (the rest of the gametypes)

going to be blunt, if 5000 people subscribed to a youtube channel for drum and bass but the youtube channel began making dubstep music then around 4000 people will unsubscribe

now that youtube channel, if he has any brains, will go back to making drum and bass music to regain fans

with halo, most of the fans have unsubscribed and the remaining fans/players dont care what happens to the “channel” that is halo, like the remaining drum and bass fans wont care for the youtube channel theyre subcribed to

halo has fans crying out to make the game how it was, the one thing that would beat going out or playing sports, the one thing that was always on your mind and earnt you money if you were good enough at it

people give 343 ideas, tell them how to make the game better, but 343 continue to cater to “THE PLAYERS WHO ARE STILL PLAYING”

343’s argument would be “well if you love halo so much then why dont you keep playing it?” answer is - halo reach & H4 are not true halo games

bs (-Yoink-) angel, stated that 343 will cater to the remaining population

the remaining populationi either dont give a damn about halo anymore or are tired of being force-fed games that are not up to par and eventually…


i hope that analogy helped put things in perspective, and hopefully 343 realise that if they do not listen to the true fans who have been around for longer than 343 have been a company, than there game will seize to exist