Dipsydoodle Platinum Pack Still Not Showing Up

So yea, how do i redeem this pack? I, among others, did not receive this pack, please help, thanks!!

Where did you get the pack?

You’re not the only one who had this issue. Many others didn’t receive a Platinum pack around the same time as you. 343i gave out a Plat pack to make up for the errors.

> 2533274843446007;2:
> Where did you get the pack?

If you go to Halo.gg and scroll down below the live footage of the HCS gameplay, there will be a textbox to redeem the codes. You need to redeem them in under 4-5 minutes after they appear before they expire.

They were having problems with the platinum packs and gave one out via the chat so I doubt we’re going to see anymore make up ones.

Sorry OP, but nobody got those 2 packs. A make up pack was released on Saturday for those unable to redeem and other packs were subsequently given away. Keep an eye out for more code drops at Dreamhack Denver :slight_smile: