digital game glitch

good night first of all. I need to know how they can get my rank back in halo 5 because they lowered me. The reason in the middle of the game the screen went black and the game did not come out, restart and looked again in the matchmaking and again it was like that, they banned me 10 minutes and they lowered me 30 swat points. I appreciate that you solve more than anything what they took me out of rank since the failure was from the same game and is digital.

The simple matter is that only you can get your rank back. Looking through your game history, you have been playing enough matches to do so.

Yeah unfortunately nothing anyone else can do here for you. I know how you feel though, I grind to Champion in FFA one season and had a great time next season my internet was terrible and I dropped out of so many games that it practically ruined my rank and my spirit for playing that season haha.