Digital Foundry vs Halo 4

Digital Foundry has just posted their tech analysis of Halo 4. For those of you of who don’t know what they do, they basically cover the artistic and technical aspect of the game. Ranging from the game’s final rendering resolution, frame-rate and screen-tearing performance, and a lot of other goodies.

The article will have some gameplay of Halo 4, so you could be spoiled if you haven’t played the campaign yet.

I’ll post some things noted in the article for those who don’t want to read through it all. I’ll post it in a spoiler tag:

  • Halo 4 operates at full 1280x720. A first for the series.
  • Anti-Aliasing - FXAA. Reach used a temporal-AA solution that resulted in the some ugly ghosting.
  • SSAO (a technique used in Halo: Reach), is gone in Halo 4.
  • Texture filtering isn’t hugely impressive either especially on ground art which occasionally looks a little blurry as it stretches out into the distance.
  • The new studio has made impressive strides in terms of facial detail and animation, presumably thanks to assistance from FaceFX and Face Gen.
  • 30FPS remains the target, and v-sync with just the odd micro-tear at the top of the screen remains in effect. The only areas where performance dips are especially noticeable is when the engine is background streaming new environmental content - a state of affairs that has been common to all the Halo games we’ve seen this generation.
  • Halo: Reach’s noticeable drops to 20FPS on complex scenes also appear to have been mostly resolved: frame-rate drops in cut-scenes are few and far between.
  • In an era where the likes of Naughty Dog and Sony Santa Monica have defined the graphical state-of-the-art with Uncharted and God of War, Xbox 360 finally has its own shot at the title - and it’s a genuinely worthwhile, lavish and occasionally even breathtaking experience. [/spoiler]