Digital Copy MCC : Nightfall STILL NOT WORKING

I’ve done everything you asked to get your Halo Nightfall episode to work.

  • Removed Halo Channel- Hard Reset of Console- Re installed Halo ChannelStill get the infinite Buy Halo loop
    Following, I did this
  • Removed Halo Channel and Halo MCC- Hard Reset- Reinstall Both Halo Channel and MCCStill getting the infinite Buy Halo loop.
    I’ve tried signing in with my wife’s account, then logging back in to see if it fixes the issue. Still, same issue.
    I am getting very frustrated at your lack of communication on this issue, or even a general acknowledgement that this is an issue and that you are attempting to fix it. We have no recourse to contact you other than these forums.
    I’d really appreciate some form of response from your customer support team. Nobody expects an instant fix, but what we do expect is a response to our grievances. Your PR Turtle mode right now is not only damaging your reputation as a brand, but infuriating your fan base even further.
    Thank you.

Has this even been acknowledged yet?

Unfortunately no, not yet.

I haven’t heard from anyone at 343.

I’m in the same boat brother! Exact same $60 broken boat! I’ll keep checking back to see if any updates and let you know if I see anything first.

Did any of you purchase the physical copy of MCC? if so, there should be a code that came with it. You need to redeem the code if you haven’t already done so. The forum team also offered some details in a thread yesterday, maybe they help?

I’m sitting in that boat with you guys also… Piece of S*%# telling me to buy The MCC… What do you think is sitting in my xbone right now you broken good for nothing piece of trash…