Difficulty in distinguishing some reqs

This is not the biggest problem in the world as it only requires me to look at the gun for more than two seconds, but I have a hard time identifying some reqs from one another. This is not a problem in Warzone at all, (because I can read the card I am selecting) but it is a minor problem I noticed in Super Fiesta is the fact that many reqs look very similar.
I especially have difficulty telling apart:
-The Spitefire from Void’s Tear
-The Plasma Caster from Scourge of Fire
-The Hydra from Typhon (Which, as a fun fact, I just realized was not called “Typhoon.”)
-The Spartan Laser from Selene’s Lance
-And pretty much every Promethean weapon with a few exceptions.

I am not talking so much from first person perspective. Again, I only need to look at the weapon for a few seconds to identify it. I am mostly referring to when the weapon is on the ground. It would be a nice, little convenience if the textures on each weapon were more noticeably different such is the case with the Storm Rifle and Carbine where each version is very distinguishable from one another. Adding attachments to the weapons would be nice too. If it were not for the Kinetic Bolts attachment on the Blaze of Glory, I would not be able to distinguish it form Oatsworth. What I am saying is that each variant of a weapon should be immediately obvious to what it is.

I am not colorblind, but I cannot imagine what people who are feel in these scenarios. Picture a person who is orange/blue colorblind and spawned with a Light Rifle. They probably won’t know if they spawned with a default LR, the Barbed Lance, or the Dying Star. (And if someone is colorblind, please feel free to correct me in any way.)

I just feel as though Req variant aesthetics could have been implemented better. Again, it is not the biggest deal in the world. It is only in a handful of gamemodes. I would hardly consider this complaining but merely constructive criticism. Thoughts? Agree? Disagree? Etc.

I believe when you walk over them the HUD tells you what it is. “X to Pick up prophets bane” music to my eyeballs.

Splaser is easily distinguishable from Selene’s Lance. The Splaser is completely white, Lance has green and red stripes on it. As for the others, I mostly agree.

> 2533274875982754;2:
> “X to Pick up Nornfang” music to my eyeballs.

Fixed That For Me.