Difficulty accessing REQ station in game?

Like 100% of 4 different games it has said nothing but “RETRIEVING DATA” and after one game, my req points went from over 3k to 0

so yeah uhh. what is going on? This seems like MCC quality server crap, It feels like I can’t even play the game.

This is an Xbox problem, not 343’s. The xbox servers are currently trying to commit suicide, and earlier you couldn’t even load games.

have you tried resetting your build?

Same. All the gold req bundles are gone and there’s no choice to pay with money. Lol what’s going on.

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> have you tried resetting your build?

Has nothing to do with my internet, since I have done multiple speed tests using speedtests.net and it says I am well over 180mbs download speed and 30 upload speed.