Different warzone look.

For the next warzone or one in the distant future maybe instead of using structures like armories and garages we get a map that use mammoths scarabs and the kraken for bases. The map can be set in a arid type setting with a heavily damaged mammoth and or scarab as the smaller two capture points and the kraken as the central. Another option would be have the mammoths be home bases with scarabs as the smaller two cap point and still have kraken as mid. The map would have covenant assaulting the bases and cap points. Havent got the boss encounters hashed out yet so if you like the idea add to it, what kind of boss what weapon they use how many minions with what type of weapons

Would each said vehicle base be stationary? If they are his idea is pretty solid. I’m getting tired of just the armories. The only thing I can think of is that a Mamoth might be a little small. Maybe instead of scarabs as semi-captrue points there could be a scarab boss.

Yes I was thinking along the lines that the 2 scarabs as the outer 2 cap points would be at ground level and be all damage both for East of access into it and also for looks making it feel as though it were an actual warzone.

Imagine a Warzone map based on the area of Sanghelios were we took down the Kraken (before flying to the forerunner structure). You could have 2 Krakens in those type of areas as home bases (the home base needs switching up sometimes aswell), but ofc slightly different to work as a home base. Then there could be abit of ground and ramps, man cannons …etc coming off and to the Kraken to allow ground vehicles and troops to get about, with a few gaps leading into a gaint open area that just has all sorts going on …etc. From there you could have 2 downed phantoms that could class as armory’s (some enviroment damage aswell to build it up more, eg. some rocks have fell and landed around the phantom to make more of a wall). Finally, while this would required a brand new model altogether as i’ve not see it in Halo 5 at all, a downed Scarab as the garage.

This will give a completely different Warzone map with a Covernant theme and FINALLY have a map based on Sanghelios!