Different types of objectives on WZ:Firefight.

So, I think WZ:Firefight is lots of fun, but something I think would make it a lot better would be new types of objective,by this I mean objectives with different concepts, right now we have a good variety of objectives of the same type(Kill X amount of grunts/jackals/crawlers/knights/soldiers)while they are each different on their own way, their core aspect is the same:Find and kill enemies of a certain kind.I think Firefight would benefit from different types of objectives, keeping it fresh all the time.

I thought about some new objectives that I will post,curious to see what people think about them.

  • Transporting a data core to a extraction point, similar to the last part of an Invasion game from Halo:Reach. My idea for this would be a data core spawning somewhere on the map, the team of Spartans has to get there, kill whatever enemies are defending it and retrieve, after they have possession of the core they have to transport it to a pick up point while defending the carrier on the way, once they reach the pick up point then they’d have to protect the location for a bit while a pelican takes the core.

  • Evacuating marines/workers on the first roundThis one if one of my favorites, would be interesting if sometimes on the first round the pelicans land in the middle base of the map, and your first objective is going to a core room base where a number of marines are under siege by enemies, you have to kill the enemies and clear the base so that a pelican can land and take the marines away.

  • Prometheans hacking computers in bases.For this objective some Prometheans would spawn inside all the bases and one special knight would start hacking the computer on the base, there’s a timer going down(30 seconds perhaps?) before they finish extracting the data, you have to get in the base and kill the knight that is hacking it, a round with this objective would consist on this happening several times on all different bases, forcing the team to move from base to base.

  • Killing a VIP before it reaches a destination.Essentially the inverse of the transporting the data core to a extraction point,except this time it is an enemy who needs to get somewhere and you gotta stop them.

  • The enemy takes control of a core room and gets the defenses up.In this objective the enemies take control of a core room and a armory or middle base, enabling the core room’s force fields, so you have to get to the captured base,take it back and then go to the core room and either clear it or destroy a device inside the core room (Comms device or something).

  • Rack up 300 kills (or more?) as a team.This one wouldn’t be too new or different, but it just consists or a round where you gotta kill a number of enemies, all over the map,before the 5 minutes end, a mechanic that would work well with a round like this would be having Recon pilots (not the bosses), in Phaetons or Banshees, and if you don’t kill them in a amount of time they escape and call reinforcements, the reinforcements would basically be higher tier enemies, for example in the case of Prometheans if the pilot escapes more knights spawn.

  • Phantom as a bossMy last idea for a Firefight round is a Phantom as a boss, this isn’t new and has been already mentioned for normal Warzoone, but I think in Firefight having a round where you have 5 minutes to kill a Phantom would be fun, of course the Phantom would have ground support and perhaps air support too.

And that’s what I got, not saying all of those would be a perfect fit or not, but I’d definitely like to see different types of objectives on Firefight.
If you have some ideas of your own feel free to post them!

This is great feedback, variety of the spice of life. Please copy into the WZF feedback thread.

Final Boss:

Mythic Guardian

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> This is great feedback, variety of the spice of life. Please copy into the WZF feedback thread.

Thanks, I think that is a pretty good idea, will do.