Different Scoreboard?

So the weirdest and most recent bug I have gotten scared me a bit so I’ll detail what happened…

I played 3 games with these 2 guys I had a lot of fun with. One was a Pro rank and the other an Onyx. After game 3, I was sitting in the lobby with them but was put into a totally different game. 1 person in the new game was also from the past 3. I played the game despite being bummed I wasn’t with the 2 guys, but powered through and my team won with me getting the winning kill and on the top of the board, 50-33. I even recorded the ending to show my victory. I also recorded the following part. When I returned to the lobby it said my skill rank went down 3 points. I thought, “this is weird, we won the game and I was leading”. I get to the scoreboard and it shows that I was in a game with the 2 guys I played with earlier and I lost the game. And instead of leading with 16 kills and 5 deaths, I was 3rd on my team with 8 kills and 13 deaths. I was scared and confused because I didn’t get EXP from my game, but as I write this I’m thinking that it was the game I played before this one, where I lost.

I don’t know how 343 could fix it, but hopefully knowing of experience will help them prevent this in the future or help the next person it happens to. Loving Halo 5 btw, and good thinking with having a beta cuz having this happen on the actual game would SUCK.