different languages.

Make the game languages be set up depending on the xbox language setup, and not Dub, it´s fruatrating that for being in an other country we dont get to play the game in English, so please 343, make the different languages able to change in the games options.

If im buying a game in my country, i want that game in my language.

Ok, but we should be able to decide in the games options. wich language we want, and not all ready Dub, thets my point, give the players the option to choose wich language they want, tons of games have that option

You can buy the English version online.

> You can buy the English version online.

not all online site deliver to an other country, and the ones they do, they send you the version of your country and not the english one, and customs isn´t cheep, by the way the game should have the option to choose the language you prefer.