Different Discs?

I wonder if the discs for the standard and the limited editions will be different. I know that was the case for Halo 3, but that was because the standard Halo 3 came with one disc and the limited edition came with 2. Halo 4 has 2 discs standard. I also don’t think Halo Reach had a different disc, but I’ve never seen the limited edition disc. I really like games that have a special disc for special editions. It feels… special.

Halo 4 Standard Edition has 2 discs? Link please.

i hope standard has 2 disc 2 discs means more content :smiley:

wait, read it wrong

> > Halo 4 has 2 discs standard? Link please.
> Here ya go

That isn’t the Standard, that’s the Limited Edition, show me proof that the Standard has two discs

> wait, read it wrong

That’s two Xbox 360 discs.