Different Coloured Flames (Armour Effect)

I guess only you and I will know the truth behind this

Ha! Once again, well spotted, well played!

I haven’t deleted anything.

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Lol. Whatever you say :joy:

You do know that deleted posts remain, they’re just marked ‘deleted’. You can still view the original post.

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I didn’t know! That must be why they are hidden. I had to back out and refresh the page in order to respond here

None of my posts have been deleted. None are hidden.


Feller, this post is about changing the colors of the flaming helmets, not the swords. The swords have already got their fancy new colors in previous seasons. OP (:clown_face:) wants to have different colored flames too. You might have misread that and started an argument with the other guy over the wrong thing.


My apologies. In that case, please explain to me the difference! How would the color of my helmet benefit me?

It would not benefit you in any way. However, that is not why I’m here and I won’t say anything further about that. Just simply pointing out that you were confused. Carry on.


Oh. Then why was this post even made if there was no benefit to be had?

I could see green and black flames becoming quite popular, to be honest. It’s just nice to have a bit more variety and more customisation is always good xD


First sign of madness talking to yourself like that :smirk:

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Those color flames…what would they do?

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I would love a black flame and a green flame.


I wouldn’t mind Reach getting some Sword colors. It’s my most played game on the collection, I’d love a red or green sword.


Well you see… They’d appear, to look like fire… But… With different hues than we are generally used to seeing… And they might look kind of neat… Adding extra degrees of personalization to the game while it still plays like it did a decade ago.


Different colors are not supposed to have gameplay changes. They are simply meant to be aesthetically pleasing, or a show of achievemnet.


Don’t bother. Dirty Nurse is just a Dirty Troll.


Good thinking, I like the idea of green flames


Drake helping Lil Yachty with the laptop

Me too. Do Reach weapons even have skins in MCC?