Different Coloured Flames (Armour Effect)

Now that we live in a time where we can select the colour of the Energy Sword, I would like to see the same customisation extended to the flames. I mean to say, we already have orange and blue, but I think it would be cool to have the option of having green, black, pink, purple, yellow, red, white, etc.


What exactly do you propose those other colors would do? Currently the sword is a one-hit kill…how would those different colors affect its performance?

Is today ‘disingenuous question’ day?


As I said, I’m simply curious. How would different colors affect the performance of the sword?

You just keep right on pretending. Keep it up and I’m sure you’ll hook someone into your game.


I’m not sure what you’re talking about. This post is about Sword colors. I’m just asking what those variants would do differently than the standard Sword…

haha.ha you’re funny.

Here’s someone helpful and knowlegeable who can explain what you’re pretending not to know:

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Thanks for proving me right, I appreciate it. Please let me know when the “armor” and color variants actually do something.

Oh, don’t thank me - thank the person whose profile I linked to. I’m sure they were happy to provide answers on the subject you were pretending not to know about


Custom aesthetics don’t affect gameplay you shouldn’t care.

Just kidding lol yeah personally I don’t use the flames but yeah they should add more colour options.


Yet again I refer to the OP. What benefit exactly would come from different colored swords? The only possible thing I can think of offhand is that after killing an enemy your lunge would keep on going and you’d keep sprinting afterwards. Maybe a different color would grant temporary invincibility for a second or two in case grenades were thrown?

I’m sure the answer is in here somewhere:


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Your attempt at trolling is pathetic. You have yet to logically counter any of the things I have stated here.

I’m just trying to help you get the answers to your disingenuous question. Hope that didn’t accidently alert people that you’re pretending not to know the answers.

Oh - ever heard the expression ‘people in glass houses’?


I just wondered what the various effects of differently colored swords would be if they were implemented. Do you have any ideas?

Did you not try the link I posted earlier? I’ve added in this post just in case. Actually, vever mind, more fun to pretend you don’t know the answer to your question, isn’t it?


I’d rather know what the “word” vever meant

Ha! Well spotted. We’ll played.

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I haven’t deleted anything.


“We”? I have no desire to ever interact with you

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