Different CAMO'S for HALO 4


This is a hot topic among the halo population

We have 2 completely different but yet kind of the same things
And they should be used different

Camo as an AA – Campaign - spartan ops - custom games ONLY

Camo as a power up or ordnance drop

Also think about BOMB GAME TYPES with H3 style you can sneak the bomb in / with HR style you can’t even hold the bomb and be invisible at the same time
( you shouldn’t be able to )

This is my answer to the problem …

And it works, might even make everyone happy

it might make you happy…

> it might make you happy…

Not just me many people prefer the classic style of camo over the AA style

My previous concern with Camo as a power up on map is that you would be too powerful by also having sprint and an AA. At this point though it doesn’t matter because there is three powerups that you will be able to use anyway, so if it became a powerup that’s fine with me.