Differences it should offer depending on hardware

After years we finally had a look at gameplay.
First of all I would like to thank 343 industries for what they achieved from the cutscenes which look amazing, to the open world aspect, innovation and new mechanics added to the sandbox.
My only concern is: it seems that they are holding on what the new hardware “XboxseriesX” can deliver in term of campaign: physics, draw distance, number of enemies on screen at the time, trail effect on the terrain while driving the warthog. I feel like the campaign experience should not feel and be the same as someone who is playing the game on a weaker hardware “Xbox one or PC low spec” even if it means cutting number of AI display on screen at the time. Let’s take for example “Tony Hawk pro skater 3” PS1 and Xbox OG they were no particule effect, cars and pedestrian on the weaker hardware while the high-end one had all of these plus better texture and everything. I feel like the best way to show off the difference and take away that stigmat in the mind of consumers, is to make a video with a side by side hardware comparaison. In which you explain what you had to cut on the weaker machine and were able to implement in the high-end one. Maybe I am wrong and it’s the case already but it is very important that people on the more powerful hardware feel that magic which can’t be achieved elsewhere. This thing of lowering the texture as the only factors to differentiate high end to lower end hardware doesn’t do it for me cause the only take away from this is holding back newer hardware. Otherwise I loving what am seeing so far it was only this aspect that was bothering me.