Difference In KDR?

I’m confused on what my actual kdr is.

On the Halo waypoint overview, it says my kdr is 1.35 in multiplayer, but when I go to wargames overview, it says my kdr is .68.

This is also a new live account so it isn’t linked to any of the other halo games.

All I can tell you is that Waypoint is having lots of problems recently, with stats not displaying properly, or blant wrong. However, what KDR is 1,35? On waypoint, maybe it’s the overall K/D ratio, campaign+war games+ spartan ops? Don’t know, just an idea, since no one bothered to answer you.

It’s your overall KDR. This includes all game types that you play (campaign, Spartan Ops, wargames, etc.) not just your multiplayer KDR. For example, my overall KDR is 6.31 and my multiplayer KDR is 1.17.