Difference between Halo TV show and Halo original :

The Halo’s story is spread over ten games and thirty novels since the last 20 years, but the new TV Show has decided to adapt this story to tell a completely different one. This will inevitably bring many confusions and as a big fan of Halo, I will explain you the difference between the “Original Timeline” and the “Silver Timeline” from the TV Show.

The Master Chief face : First of all, the most obvious difference is the Master Chief’s face. He rarely takes off his helmet in the games and we only see his eyes at the end of Halo 4. Books describe his eyes as serious but pensive, a firm mouth, a strong jaw and the last vestiges of his childhood freckles. Decades of fighting inside his armor have deprived his skin of sunlight that has become very pale. However, no beard was ever mentioned
As for his personal life, he never encountered a forerunner artifact in his childhood, just as he never had a love or sexual relationship to our knowledge, and certainly not with a covenant human spy.

Silver team: They don’t exist in the “Original Timeline” and are replaced by Blue team. As the Silver team was a pure invention, fans often call the universe of the TV Show the “Silver Timeline” to differentiate it from the “Original Timeline”.

Spartan program : The doctor Halsey and the ONI did kidnap children for the program, but they never erased their memories or hid their abduction from them. Halsey convinced them that they were the future saviors of humanity to motivate them to forget their old life.
Several children rebelled against the Spartan project, but John was never part of it. He set an example for the other children, of whom he quickly became the leader after two years of training. He also had a deep respect for Doctor Halsey and he certainly never tried to kill her.
As for Soren, he fled the Spartan program alone without telling it to anyone and this was the last time we see him.

Emotions : Also very important, the Spartans don’t have implants in their back to deprive them of their emotions, so there is no magic button to make them more human. It’s their training since they were six years old that taught them how to handle emotions.
Even if they are less social and sentimental than others and never had romantic relationships, they still have their own personality and strong ties with the Spartans whom they consider as their family.
As for the story about company animals killed by Halsey, it’s also an invention.

Space landing : Last difference on the Spartans, when they jump from space and land on a planet, their armor absorbs the shock and keeps them alive most of the time, then they wake up after a few minutes. They are certainly not able to land on their legs and continue the fight.

Cortana : In the TV Show, she seems to be the first AI of her generation, but it’s not the case in the “Original Timeline”. Conscious AI was invented before the war against the covenants and Cortana is just more sophisticated than the others. She was created in 2549 and served Halsey for three years before meeting John.
In the games, Cortana is not inserted into the skull of the Master Chief. Like other IAs, Cortana resides in a chip and the Master Chief’s armor can receive and remove it at any time. She improves the bond between him and the armor, but she’s not able to take control of it or even knock out the Master Chief. To be clear, no AI has ever been able to control a human or his armor.

Miranda Keyes : In the “Original Timeline”, she’s also the daughter of Captain Keyes and Doctor Halsey, but instead of becoming a scientist like her mother, she joined the navy like her father and became commander of a frigate. Her father and she speak rarely with Doctor Halsey and don’t work in her building.

Halsey sins : she is particularly evil in the TV show. She tryied to kill John to replace her with Cortana and mounted the spartans against each other, two horrible things that she never did in the “Original Timeline”

UNSC : the organization is shown in a particularly cruel way in the TV Show when they brutalize children in a forced labour camp, killing Makee’s friend. In the “Original Timeline”, the UNSC has never been so cruel, even though they remain an authoritarian organization that refuses the independence of outer colonies on other planets.
As for Kwan Ha, she is an invented character who has no equivalent in books and there is no space portal under the surface of the planet Madrigal.

The blessed one: forerunners are an old extinct species with superior technology. Both in the “Silver Timeline” and in the “Original Timeline”, the blessed one, or the Reclaimer, are humans with genes that enable them to activate forerunner technology. In the “Original Timeline”, there are a lot more of Reclaimer, like all of the Spartans, Catherine Halsey and Miranda Keyes.
One of the main differences with the TV Show is the fact that the prophets do not use Reclaimers. When they discovered the privileged bond that humans shared with their forerunners gods, they were afraid of losing their prophet’s status and ordered the extermination of humanity to hide this reality.

Covenant’s technology : the energy swords of the jackals and the energy blade of Mackie’s finger don’t exist in the “Original Timeline”, but it wouldn’t be an impossible technology.
Then, even if the Hunters, called «Lekgolo», are composed of orange worms, we have never seen these worms separate themselves to fight humans.
As for the chairs of the prophets, they are not only used to levitate but also to attack or defend themselves by pulling a powerful laser beam, something that the three prophets don’t try in the last episode of the series.

The forerunner artifact : Finally, the last difference is the forerunner artifact that doesn’t appear anywhere in games. The Master Chief never had a vision of the Halo before going there. In the first game “Halo CE”, no one aboard the ship «Pillar of Autumn» expected to find a giant ring in space.

So now you know all the differences between the TV Show and the games.

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I thought neural implants were a thing in Halo? Wasn’t there one on that Spartan IV diagram. That, yes, Cortana is literally in your head. She could, but she doesn’t kind of thing.

But otherwise yeah, I’ve not seen the show, just clips as UK and I will not pay for another streaming service.

I can’t say too much without having seen whole thing and only clips. Not a fan of how Chief hates Cortana and amazed they went with that. I was expecting, a cheap Mandalorian knock off and that they would push the whole AI love story thing. I was wrong. I was very wrong. :grimacing:

Funnily enough, it made me remember this old film I saw as a kid from 1998 called Soldier. Which was probably a lot worse than what I remember. :smile: But that did deal with a super soldier programme where he’s emotionally stunted but he gets stranded on this scrap planet and ends up joining the community and sort of brought into this family. It can be done and none of this is new. There are tropes that they could look at. But I am sure in that the whole idea is that he’s a stoic guy characters are trying to reach out to and it’s the events that push them together through shared adversity.

Take the Punisher. He’s a very angry man, but we know that he’s been wronged and so can invest in his vengeance. Whereas Chief has literally just had a switch flipped and tries to punch his mother.

Plus there’s some, unusual and courageous decisions.

They do have neural implants, but AI exist between the Spartan and the armor, using some of the Spartan’s brain to boost processing power, but the AI were never able to take over the Spartan’s body in canonical lore.

The show’s version of Cortana is an evil body-snatcher, literally designed to erase John from existence to take over his body to be a better super-soldier than he was, which is what the show does in the last episode. The show’s Cortana literally waits to provide air-support until the Spartans are killed, then she brings it down once John’s body is available for her to take over. The show’s Cortana shouldn’t be liked by anyone, least of all the soldier who’s body she intends to steal.


I’d be a lot more concerned that they were setting up Cortana snatching a physical body so she could be with Chief. Could be why Halsey is so young and she’s making so many clones of herself.

Quite bizarre. I remember years ago when we were brainstorming crazy stuff they could do in Halo 6 :roll_eyes: suggesting that they might look at neural interface stuff. Like every human has one implanted so they can be tracked and controlled. Very dystopian society sort of stuff. But, that’s evil Cortana and not really one for one body possession. She’s not the Borg! :smile: Certainly not of the Chief which is a major breach of trust.

Also, if she can fight like that why not just gives her the Drones and be done with it? The point is that she’s basically the Spartans portable command & control, intel, R&D department, logistics, tech support, radar jamming, hacking and doing the job of several thousand highly qualified people on the go.

I reckon they probably are playing the long game but they’re doing it in a very strange and bizarre way from what I’ve seen.

Yeah paramount really take us for idiots, this was so much nonsense and easy writting !

Honestly it seems like everyone hates everyone else in the show except for like between the members of silver team.

Yeah thats probably the best way to describe the show in general.

There’s some interesting ideas here and there but its mired in just a lot of bizzare choices. Like the Keystone is a lot better idea than the random forerunner rock in FoR. Or Cortana being able to resist by remote controlling vehicles and weapons.

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The artifact makes no sense. Why would the forerunners make something that almost kills those who want to use it let alone give them a seizure

I do agree it has way too many weird, plot convient powers.

The idea of it being a more technological thing is better than the weird “it was carved on a rock that fell to sigma octanus” thing we got in Fall of Reach. The execution however is definitely as bad, if not worse though.

I liked the run against the covenants for this forerunner secret, because in “Fall of Reach”, Halsey was the only one to understand what was the forerunner and Cortana brought the Pillar of Autumn on the Halo without any idea of what she would found. However, I didn’t liked they show the Halo before go on it.

The big problem with the elites : they died by hundred where grunts and brutes died by dozen ! The grunts are supposed to be the cannon fodder in the covenant army and the elites are supposed to be the stronger chiefs, less numerous and more difficult to kill. The last episode shock me with that. Do you realize that it’s a grunt who succeeded to stick a grenade to Riz, where hundreds of elites died bullets after bullets !?!?

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Yeah i refuse to watch the show for a few reasons.

  1. People without clothes

  2. The producers prided themselves in never playing Halo so there was no way it could ever give the same feel that we came to love in Halo

  3. Its non cannon and i don’t really care for filler

  4. I think this is a problem with all media nowadays. People seem to think all media needs to span multiple mediums and I think it ruins most series. Ex: some people love Halo 4 for showing “the book Chief”. Halo 4 is my least favorite Halo for multiple reasons but one of the biggest is how much it changes Chief from the previous games. None of this was necessary because the video game Chief is the main Chief and now you have fans of each version. Luckily Halo Infinite returned the CE-H3 Chief. All that to say i think stories should really stick to one medium whether it be books, tv, movies, or video games but spanning mulitple runs a very high risk of corrupting the original vision.

  5. Im cheap and don’t want to pay for another streaming service

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Totally agree. Finally most of the fans don’t like Halo but unfortunately other like it


Okay, main reason I haven’t watched show is I’ll be dead before I pay for another subscription service. But I have seen a fair amount of the clips.

  1. The Chief should be the stoic guy. Yes, just make him like the Mandalorian. I am not at all invested in him realising the UNSC has abused him and dramatically trying to punch Halsey. Giving him mommy issues is weird and makes the character seem self absorbed. Lot of people are being killed in that universe by Covenant.

  2. He hates Cortana. I do not approve of this.

  3. I am not a fan of the idea of Cortana taking over Chiefs body. It’s not that she can’t. But even Halo 5 psycho “I will put you in a cryptum for 10,000 years” Cortana doesn’t mind puppet him. They do have neural chips. But, portraying Cortana as a body snatching parasite is weird and poisons the setup.

The reason Cortana doesn’t have a kinky robot body is because the UNSC don’t trust machines that go rampant after 7 years. Putting her in control of every human with a neural chip is both stupid and terrifying.

Why is the UNSC trying to create the Borg? :smile:

There’s no reason to bother with the human at all. The whole being a team works because they play to eachother strengths.

  1. Why give Spartans emotion inhibitors? If anything Halo has leant closer to the Butchers Nails from 40k. You want to increase the adrenaline and anger of the soldiers to keep them wired and in the fight. You see this with Spartan 3’s. Making them machines isn’t efficient or on brand.

  2. The whole idea of the Chief being a machine in Halo 4 is a pretty simple thing. He’s not a machine because he loves Cortana and feels the pain of losing her. Playing the game shows you the answer to the question posed to Halsey at the start.

That’s an easier sell because rather than Chief having mommy issues it’s about him confronting grief and losing a close friend. One paints the Chief as immature whilst it’s a lot more understandable that a grown man would have issues losing somebody close.