diferent assault rifle?

in halo reach you have got many game modes. I like that as there are many fun games. But when I play with the assault rifle in a short range fight. The enemy doesn’t die that fast. In the other halos when I do this with the assault rifle I do get kills. But the damage of the assault rifle is very low. I personally think that they should’ve removed the m37 and replaced it with the halo 3 ma5c-icws. Since that’s about the best assault rifle in Halo. What do you think. Good idea or a different weapon or just not. ?

The MA37 Is standard issue for army troops. They’re the AI you see running around. Noble reported to an army colonel instead of S-2s reporting to ONI which meant they had to make do with the worse weaponry. The MA5C is used by the marines not army.

Just a standard Weapon, get proficient with the DMR, that is precision not just spray and pray.

AR is bad anyways. DMR is bae. :slight_smile:

Learn to use the DMR for sure. More efficient weapon than the Assault Rifle.

In Hako Reach DMR is the bread and butter for most players. Assault rifles and magnums are extremely limited in engagement opportunities compared to the far superior DMR.