Die in a greasefire

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I’ve been a halo fan since day one.
Halo has been the only game that keeps me interested in video games generally.
343 have murdered a once immortal game.

Worst aspects:

  • DMR just wow
  • No good connection leaving Australians screwed.
  • Boltshot
  • Join in progress
  • Stickies in load out

Camo sniping in Ragnarok is impossible to combat because if you establish map control they spawn at your base punishing you for not camping.

Also today I quit several join in progress games that were one unplayable off host and were already losing by stacks. I quit banned as a result.

RIP Halo

I hear you buddy I’m from New Zealand and it’s freaking hard as hell to keep up on this connection. There’s about 1/4 to 3/4 of a second delay between my screen and the screen of the person shooting at me (I tested it in Custom Games with a friend).

lol. you couldn’t pay me to search by myself in this game.

prefer good connection and region filters were simply 10 year old bugs.

As and Aussie I cry for a good connection option.
I agree that Boltshot, DMR and Camo need a nerf and something needs to be done about stickies.

If JIP can stop putting people in games almost over and games with horrible connection it would be great. Much better than the quitting problem in Reach anyway.

hey its your loss man. with the TU coming out later this month we dont know what to expect. along with a new map pack and new playlists. February is truly the spring for Halo after recovering from a very harsh winter.