Die Hard Gamers Recruiting ( DHG)

we are a clan that has over 14k+ members. we dont look for skill. all we ask is that you be respectful and have fun, also follow our code of conduct.
heres our website www.dhghq.com
you can view our COC here
all we ask is that u change ur moto and bio and add our Generals gamertag. we host Tournaments for Free MICROSOFT POINTS.( who dont like free points?)
you can add me on live if you want in or pm … here is my gamertag DHG D0NK3Y JR

hope to see a few of you wanting to join. must have a mic and be over 15. if under 15 ill put you in DIE HARD JUNIOR(DHJ) same thing as DHG but for younger kids

Contact me here or on xbox live

we have squads for halo reach, mw3, bf3 and gonna start soon for halo 4!!!