Didn't unlock Chief's Armor!?

So I have sacrificed my entire morning trying to complete the Legendary Campaign - Solo. Eventually after a few hours I finally managed to beat it. I was so relieved that I’ve done it and that I could finally equip that badass Mark Armor. After checking my spartan armor it wasn’t showing up in the list…
I have checked Halo Waypoint and it said I was on Mission 7 and I didn’t even get to Mission 8 apparently. I mean I’ve obviously completed it, saw the legendary ending, been through hell killing dozens of Knights. I even got the Achievement and Avatar award and when I checked my Commendations it said that the last one hasn’t been completed. Now I really don’t want to go through this madness again for something I should’ve gotten in the first place.
Is there anyway to set this right? I was really looking forward to wear that Armor in the Wargames. Maybe a Mod can help me out here? :slight_smile:

Oh and when I’m on my campaign menu it said that every mission has been completed on Legendary solo. So why would it show up there and not on my commendations?
I’ve been disconnected from XBL when I was like 3/4th on the way of the last mission. I do hope this won’t affect anything and maybe I’ll just have to wait abit to get my stats updated correctly. I never had any trouble in the past with Halo 3 etc…

Thank you in advance for responding with any vital information that could fix this problem. I don’t want to hear that I have to do it all over again…

> I’ve been disconnected from XBL when I was like 3/4th on the way of the last mission.

This is the problem.

Unfortunately to complete challenges and even unlock armor, you need to be online at all times.

Kind of feels, DRM-ish.

So you would need to go back and complete the missions that silly Waypoint says you haven’t even though you clearly have.

My friend ran into the same problem.

which armor do you unlock? is it the armor from the campaign? or the Mark v ?