Didn't get the extermination medal

Hello together,

Just played halo 3 on the MCC.
Killed the whole team with an overkill (every person). I even have a video to prove it.
Why i didn’t got it?
Request for an answer!

Hi, have you check the after game stats for the medal? Maybe it didn’t show on the screen but you still got it.

No i was lookin for it after the game, theres nothing! Its so frustrating. Maybe for some people its easy and normal but for me not. I tried so hart to get it… I have made a video of it, is there a way to get the medal right now through support? :frowning: best regards

I suggest checking your career stats in the menu and search for the legendary medals (perfection, killionaire, exterm…). If you see it then you got it:)
PS: i know, it’s pretty hard for me too :frowning:

You got the clip in Swat Guardian, right? I think you didn’t get the exterm because the respawn time in swat is 5 or 4 seconds. So when you killed the fourth player, the first one already respawned :frowning:

Well maybe you are right. The last one took me a few hits to kill because i was nervous…
Oh my god that sucks so hard, but thats life…
Sorry for my bad english :confused:
Im very thankful for your help!
Maybe play together, love halo since i was a little child! :slight_smile:

No problem! I forgot to mention that you can watch the match in theater mode, just to be sure :slight_smile:
Yeah, just added you!