Didn't get specializations code in email?

I played before the deadline and never got the email. I checked my spam and my junk and my inbox and no email. I am over 17 and am in the US. Why didn’t i get my email my brother didn’t either and we both played within the time. Our gamertags are Joey Stylz and TwinkleToesBoss. Anyway i can get what i qualified for and not suffer because of a 343 error? How do i get the code?

I’m having the same issue. There was an official thread about this issue for people to post their gamertags in so that 343 could fix this issue and re-send the codes. The admins have locked that thread and claimed that the issue is resolved and everyone has received their code. Obviously, they are wrong. This is ridiculous. I’m close to 70 and want my damn code so I don’t get stuck there -.-

I called them today and they said to go to the thread read it and then post in this forum. I don’t see any early resolution.

You aren’t getting a code. According to MS’s records, everyone who was eligible for a code was sent one at least once, most likely several times. That’s the end of it.

People in the UK and other areas didn’t even have the opportunity to get the specs early.

They will be released to everyone early next year. Most likely January.

You can either play for fun, or move on to something else while you wait. There’s nothing more you can do about it now.

The reason MS support tells you to come here is because it’s not an XBL issue. They have absolutely no clue what you are talking about or have no way of fixing the situation. Since it is a “problem with the game” you have to take it up with the dev. Even though it was MS’s promotion and their problem.

People have been saying that all codes have been semt for almost a week now, but I actually was just messaged a code two days ago on the 16th. Perhaps there are still some codes being sent.

Specialization codes have been distributed. For more information on the distribution process, check this post: