Didn't get my XP

Hey guys,
I just played spartan ops and got both the weekly challenges done (grunt Destroyer for 10,000 and i am the 99 percent for 20,000) and i also finished my specialization at the same time but i didn’t get my challenge xp i only got the 7000-ish from the spartan ops game. I’d just like to know why i didn’t get my xp. Also i don’t think i hit the credit cap if there is one.

first the challenge xp wont show up in the end game report also if you finished a specialization you wont earn any xp until you pick a new one so any xp you would have been awarded is lost forever.

I was 1 kill away (149/150) from receiving the “kill 150 spartans with a precision loadout weapon” award (worth 20,000 XP I think) when I thankfully stumbled across a thread explaining the very same issue as the OP.

Seeing as I was about 12,000 XP from reaching level 60, I ended up using assault rifle until I reached 60.

Then, 1 x BR kill into my next specialization, and I get the full 20,000 XP bonus.

It sucks that you had to learn the hard way.

Thanks guys, I hope 343 does something about it.