Didn't get my custom credits?

So I made some challenges, got the requirements, turned in, and I looked this morning at my progress bar and I don’t think that they were given to me?

Next time you do custom challenges, make sure you write down your old number of cR, then after you turn them in or they run out on time, see if it moves at all.

i had turned in my custom challenge of headshots and kills and I wasn’t awarded and I write down my credits that i have right before the times runs out or after i turn it in so i don’t know

now i just wait for the time to run out and watch the countdown check my credits and I get awarded the custom challenge but turning it in i wasn’t awarded so idk lol

Keep track of how much credits you had before and after you completed the challenge. Sometimes they won’t come through for a while. I’ve had to wait 12 hours for mine to turn in once, and it was set to three hours.

In the meantime, watch this.