Didnt get my achievements

Hey guys, i just finished the game offline yesterday. and i got some achievements like lvl 1-5, 9-11, but all the other achievements arent unlocked,
before i Play the entire game again, i just wanna know if anyone else got this Problem?

It might be a Xbox Live issue, it sometimes takes a few hours/days for some achievements to unlock. You can check the progress bar for each achievement.

Might have to wait till it goes live.

you have to wait a little bit, it’s because the game has not launched yet

I have this alot on XBOX1 and PS4 with review copy’s before launch

thx guys

still nothing :frowning:

Im having this problem too, I just went through the whole campaign 4 player and I got the achievements for the first 7 lvls then they stopped giving them to me for the rest of the game, while the other 3 still got them all