Didn't Get Halo Infinite 20th Anniversary Rewards

I logged into Halo Infinite Multiplayer a few hours before midnight (Eastern Standard Time) on November 22nd but didn’t get the 20th Anniversary Rewards. :confused: Was I too late or is it a glitch? Is there a way I can still get the 20th Anniversary Rewards? I really want the 20th Anniversary Rewards and I’m very disappointed that I didn’t end up getting them despite logging in on the correct day that I was supposed to get them.

Sometimes with the MCC it took a few days for nameplate rewards to come through, that might be the case here considering you logged in pretty late in the window of opportunity, if not, you might have to contact Halo Support.

I had the same problem and filed a ticket with halo support.
They answered (after the automated “look at the forums” answer) saying that they will look into it, provide a screenshot of the coatings screen etc…
Did so znd they just answered saying that for now they can’t help but that they’ll remain in touch after updates or if they find a workaround.
Also told me that devs look at problems that many people has, so they encouraged me to ask anyone I see with the same problem to file a ticket too so it becomes more visible.
So tldr, file a ticket and if you see anyone else with the same problem, ask them to do so too.
Hopefully it’ll be resolved

Did 343 end up giving you the rewards and adding them to your Xbox account? I filed a ticket and the Halo Agent told me that they’ll get in touch with 343 about the problem but they have yet to respond. Did you actually end up not getting the rewards and do you think this problem will get fixed? Did you login to Halo Infinite Multiplayer on November 22nd like me and didn’t get the rewards on that day? Maybe we had to login a day before in order to get the rewards? Are you very disappointed like I am that you didn’t get the rewards or it’s not a big deal?