Did you miss the Halo 5 multiplayer experience?

Got some good news for you mate. You can still go load up H5 and play that instead of infinite if you love it that much.

Halo 5 released with only SLIGHTLY more content than infinite. It only became a full game after several years. Idk how ppl keep forgetting this

Leaving out the context I see. Forge came in December so it wasn’t like the wait we are experiencing now with Halo infinite.

Breakout and warzone are two exclusive modes. Halo infinite has nothing like this. Not even close. To say that Halo 5 had BARELY anything over infinite is an extreme understatement.

You could also play for everything without buying reqs.

There was also a lot more custom games options. A LOT MORE. And they worked on day one.

In fact all of Halo 5 multiplayer worked flawlessly on day one.

It also had more weapons AND their variants.

But go ahead and leave out the context

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Sounds a lot like “go back to MCC”.

You can’t just go back because the game isn’t being supported the same way as infinite is now.

The population is also split now so it’s not the same as before.

Overall I think this is a weak argument/comeback

If anything you should be able to play with all of halos items in one Halo. It’s called halo infinite. Might as well live up to that name and have the game be able to be infinite ways. All the items from all halos should come back as custom game options

Halo 5, launched with a short 5 hour abysmal campaign experience. Launched with a pay to win BTB replacement warzone. Launched with and still has ZERO dev made BTB maps. Launched with no forge. Minimal playlists. Launched with and still has a broken theater system. Launched with an RNG unlock cosmetic system that almost everyone at the time hated.

I loved halo 5. Put more hours in that game than probably any other so far. But to act like it was a perfect game at launch is patently ridiculous. It was in better shape than infinite but was in no way a complete or polished game. It became that over time. Just as infinite will.

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The length of the campaign is subjective. What takes you five hours may take someone else 6 and so on. I don’t think time matters. A good campagin is a good campagin regaurdless of how short or long it is.

I didn’t like the campaign but at the end of the day it was only part of the game. Not the whole game. The gameplay within the campaign was just fine. It was the way the story was told that wasn’t.

Yes btb should have dev maps but Halo infinite btb maps aren’t all that. I would rather Halo 5s warzone over Halo infinites btb.

There should be both warzone and btb. It should be like this in halo 5 and Halo infinite.

Forge came in December. Unlike the 9 month wait we have to endure with infinite.

Halo infinite still doesn’t have ranked playlists aside from arena. Something Halo 5 had on launch. Warzone and breakout were also playlists. Overall there was much more to do in halo 5 at launch even if it did launch limited.

Warzone was definitely not pay to win. It’s been explained many times that it’s not. No amount of people who spent 100s isn’t going to prove otherwise because items were time gated and level gated.

Sure the reqs were a bad system. However it’s still far better than what we have now. Because you can unlock everything by playing


The Halo 5 multiplayer experience is part of what made me invest thousands of hours into Halo 5. I’ll be glad to come back to playing it more regularly.


Infinite is superior is just about every way. I say this only as a compliment to Infinite as Halo5 was the best title since halo 3. Infinite is just about on par with halo3

I would like to add that a wider variety of ranked Playlistd and an actual exp based progression system (not just a number (a military rank) are missing from this game)


Sprint is the reason we can’t have maps like gaurdian so I will never consider Halo infinite to be on par with halo 3 in any sense. Halo 3s campaign is also better. And it released with forge. Worked offline. You name it. Halo 3 did it better. Like I’m not even trying to come down on people who like the game. More power to you but I just don’t see the appeal.

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Yeah absolutely not… Even with all its bugs, Halo Infinite is so much better for me than Halo 5 ever was or could be.


What makes you say that? I’m curious because you can turn off ablities in halo 5 and make the maps that infinite has in the Halo 5 forge so how exactly is it better? They could’ve released an equipment update to Halo 5 and make all new playlists and it would’ve accomplished the same thing that Halo infinite multiplayer is but better because the sandbox is already fleshed out.

Is it the campgian? I guess for some people it is. But that’s not the whole game

Not particularly. I definitely miss Halo 5’s PVE multiplayer experiences, but the regular multiplayer was interesting at best and annoying at worst.

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Yeah I skipped out on both Halo 4 and 5.


Yes I actually missed it, as in didn’t play it once.


Halo 5 was built on the multiplayer after all, with the campaign being either an afterthought or a last minute addition.

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I feel like the core combat is more enjoyable. It’s not a massive difference to be honest IMO.

I like that they got rid of red vs blue.

Halo 5 graphics, especially environmental textures and in particular forge are weird. Everything looks like it has a coat of varnish on and it ruins the look of the multiplayer Spartans especially.

It’s not comparing like with like as Halo 5 got A LOT of updates. At launch, it had the exact same content issues. Playing the same three Warzone maps and the Warehouse arena maps. It’s only later that they added cooler maps and all the modes, forge, firefight and weapons.

I miss a lot of the Promethean, Covenant and UNSC weapons that did not make the cut. “This is my Light Rifle, there are many like it.” :smile: Same with vehicles, Gauss Hog, Mantis, Phaeton.

I probably would rather just pay for Copperhead in a Battlepass than grind for it. But, there is a distinct lack of armour atm. I think we will have to wait two seasons until we start to get true variety.

No I hate halo 5 with a burning passion


I think a month of consecutive gameplay (in my free time after work), half a month of intermittent gameplay, more than 1/2 of the way through Legendary campaign, and 1/5 of the way through multiplayer progression is well enough giving it a chance.

It’s pretty clear the game doesn’t interest me.

Like I said, high skill floor, even higher skill ceiling.

This is less of “who’s going to outplay who” and more like “who’s going to combo better and be a harder target to hit”.

In Infinite the combos and jumps can grant you a slight upper hand but aren’t necessary to enjoy the game as a whole. Hell, even clamber isn’t necessary 70% of the time and can actually act as a hindrance in many cases.

It was a trend though. Halo, Crysis, CoD, Destiny 2 even Borderlands and Doom latched on in their own unsuccessful/successful ways.

Counter Strike’s formula and gameplay loop hasn’t changed since it was a mod. Yet it’s arguably the most influential and most popular competitive title in the world and has been on an seemingly endless upward trend since CSGO was released.

I’m not a game developer, I don’t get to make the rules for how a franchise path moves forward. I do know that changing something that isn’t broken is the wrong way of doing it, and that’s how we got Halo 4 and Halo 5.

Along with the higher skill floor yes. I don’t have the time or patience to pick up a new way of playing a game in a franchise that has always been built around accessibility, which Infinite delivered.

Infinite is still a sweatfest, but I blame a much lower skill floor in relation to the previous high skill floor along with a potentially larger playerbase as well as the introduction of a different control input.

There are a lot more factors than simply a hypersaturated small population of dedicated Halo 5 players that have been mastering the title since it launched. Which unfortunately might be a factor moving forward in Infinite’s continued support.

just wish I had all of my Halo 5 custom maps back :worried:

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I miss Thrusters, I miss Ground Pound, but most of all…

I miss accessible customization.

Don’t get me wrong, the level of customization in Infinite is by far better than that available in H5 but it is so limited unless you pay obscene amounts of money. In H5 you had to buy the game, then play it. This alone allowed you to unlock everything.

Also, I do not miss Spartan Charge. Good riddance!