Did you miss the Halo 5 multiplayer experience?

I played and grinding every halo games and honestly- my favourite and enjoying experience is in Halo 5
I love the weapon balance,I love the melee , I really love the mechanics and map movement. Even I prefer the ranking system of h5 away more than present one.

Yes they added new equipment and future’s,but honestly- at the beginning I have a filling that my Spartan has a bag with cement permanent attached to his belt. The map moves are so wrong even after spending a week to tweak and adjust my controller ,still everything is so wrong.
I really miss the h5 melee. I don’t understand what is the reason to make it so bad and unbalanced.In h5 who melee first became the winner , nothing like 2-3 melee in infinite. That is so unusually complicated ,annoying and so broken for everyone.

The weapon balance in h5 not matter what weapon is in your hands, you can shoot with confidence- everything was based on skill and map awareness. Now you shoot and pray for hits.Most of the weapon’s are so unreliable and inconsistent.

I even prefer the ranking system of h5 instead that unrewarding and disappointing implementation in infinite

I don’t want to go for the customisation and how we unlocks things

Basically the gameplay was more enjoyable,the weapon balance was great,the game was filling way more consistent.Matchmaking have some issues but nothing as worse as current state on infinite.Everything was based on skill, nothing like lucky factor here in infinite.Oo and the cheating was easy to spot and it was extremely rare compared to infinite.

What is your thoughts about that?


Quite literally everything about Halo 5 is better.

The movement and ablities. The most fun I ever had in a multiplayer.

The ranking system. Far more robust and the champion ranks were far cooler.

The qauilty. Everything about the sprinting to melees was cleaner. More sharp. More harder hitting. Even the foot steps made a lot more sense.

Things like the clamber, thrust and slide were more snappier and cleaner and more fluid.

The sounds of the trusters we’re really cool
Nothing like using the ground pound to hover for a bit and then you hear those hissing thrusters as they cool down. It has iron man vibes to it. Really cool.

Even the game modes. Breakout was one of my fav modes. Even warzone was fun to play on sometimes.

Unlocking Everything by playing was also really cool
I didn’t have to spend a dime to get all the items in the game.

Even the basic game modes are better. It doesn’t have long winded gameodes like oddball with rounds.

There’s less ring around the rossies because players have thrusters to catch up to people AND they can’t Regen shields when shot so you get to a conclusion a lot quicker.

The Halo 5 magnum was a better starting weapon.

Halo 5 has a lot more classic weapons and more weapons in general.

It also has far better custom game options and more of them. They also worked on launch too unlike infinites.

The melees also worked far better. The lunge in infinite is crazy now. You can’t jump over people like before. They will just lunge up to you. Also no collison ruins Halo infinite for various reasons.

The equipment is all based on luck. No skill involved. HCS settings were perfect because you barely had anything to work with. That’s what makes you skilled. Knowing how to work with less not random advantages like the grapple pick up.


Playing every game in US servers. No thanks.

I don’t miss it’s multiplayer, but I do miss it’s Forge, custom browser, and weapon/ vehicle variety.


I miss the playlist, so sad the current HI playlist


Do not miss it in the least.

It was the last game I waited in line till midnight for, and I dropped it after about a month of on and off play time.

Had more fun with Titanfall 2 when it came to the advanced movement gimmick at the time.

Warzone was annoyingly chaotic and regular multiplayer was just too sprawled out and large to encompass the advanced movement abilities. Played like a PC game while being locked to truly terrible control schemes on the controller. The game just felt off even with meticulous controller tuning.

Was actually fan of the autoscaling function to allow a stable 60fps, it was a very Bungie-esque design philosophy. I was also a fan of the various weapon variants, but not enough to mess with them outside of some multiplayer forge silliness.

I hope one day I can muster the patience to beat the campaign, I hate leaving games unfinished even if I dislike them.

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I loved H5 multiplayer.

I miss thrusters… a lot.

What I don’t miss is Spartan Charge.

Infinite just needs some time to get over some teething problems… and fill out some content. Forge and customs will go a long way to repairing the calm.

But i’s a bit disingenuous to compare a mature six year old Halo 5 to a 2 month old Halo Infinite.

The ranking system is pretty much the same… except we now see the MMR in all divisions (not just Onyx).

Champ ranks were cool… but so flawed. I can see why they didn’t bother with them again. There is no way the ranking system could accurately work out who was the top 200 and in what order. The MMR just isn’t that accurate (especially the further out you get).

I miss that halo 5 was a complete package. I miss the fact that halo 5 has a lot of content. I also miss just the fact that it had a new major mode.

Halo infinites btb 2.0 doesn’t feel like an evolution like warzone did. It just feels like btb with a larger player count with worse starting weapons and game modes.

I do miss halo 5 just having the grind and ever Being better at launch


I don’t like the spartan charge either.

I’m a fan of HCS settings from Halo 5 with the re.oved ground pound and spartan charge.

I did however have fun with the ground pound and spartan charge. I even once became third in the world for ground pounds at one point so it’s definitely fun but it doesn’t belong in gameplay.

The ground pound and spartan charge should come back as custom. Game options.

Another idea I always had was turning the ground and spartan charge into movment tools like the stabilizer is because the ground pound and spartan charge added a lot to the movement. Like the double hovering when you ground pound into stabilize.

I think the ranking was better in halo 5 because matchmaking worked. That was one of the things Halo 5 got right. Multiplayer worked flawlessly on day one. This made the ranking system healthy.

Also someone is number one. Someone is number two and so on. You say it’s not accurate. But in reality it is. It will just change by the millisecond. You can be champ 1 and then champ 2 within seconds if you don’t play. And to some degree it was actually like that in halo 5. If you didn’t play for an hour and you were in the top 50 fhamp ranks your rank would go down. You had to go constantly play to keep your ranks in the top 10s. And I’m honestly ok with that. I also think the rank resets every month helped with the ranks too. Overall the champ ranks were fun to get. I don’t feel the same anymore even if I do get 1700 or higher. Nothing looks as good as a shiny Champion symbol next to your name. Plus there needs to be more ranked modes.


Warzone was definitely underrated. It was amazing for it’s time. It’s a shame it got overshadowed by the hate of the req system. Rightfully so but it’s a much better system then what we got now


I miss Warzone and Firefight. Were my preferred gamemode.


Never understood people calling the movement a gimmick. It was far from that and it was nothing like Titan fall either. You couldn’t do 8 button combos and then do another 8button combo linking it all together. It’s just not possible in any other game.

I think it’s pretty clear that a lot of people just didn’t sit down and learn the movement. If they did they would probably understand it better. Probably understand why it’s so fun to people.

On top of that I don’t think it was limited by the controller. I think people were using the wrong controller. The elite controller was the controller to use. Using all four paddles was how the game was suppose to be played. Funny enough the elite controller came out when Halo 5 did. That’s how you can tell that controller was made for that game. You are able to pull off moves that no one else could with the controller because of the speed of the button combo presses. Sure this was a barrier for normal players but I think Halo 5 was a lot more advanced for it’s time then you give it credit for


Well considering that a good portion of FPS titles between 2014 and 2017 adopted an “advanced movement” mechanic of some kind, I’d say there’s strong precedence to consider calling the Halo 5 movement mechanics a “gimmick” even if it did set itself apart from the pack in some ways.

It may have put its own flair on things, but it was a trend at the time, but like most franchises that put too much stock into a trend that eventually dies out, I’m gonna stick to calling it a gimmick.

To some people sure.

Halo has always been a franchise where it offers entry players a low skill floor for enjoyment, but a high skill ceiling for those who truly want to master it. Halo 5 (and to a lesser extent 4) raised the skill floor while keeping the skill ceiling proportionally high. It seemed more rewarding to pick up on the minutiae of the gameplay mechanics because the game demanded a lot from the player just to enjoy the combat flow.

Like I said, the game played a lot like a PC FPS. But as someone who has admitted using a controller is like driving a car with a dental floss steering wheel, the game moved too fast to be a console game IMO. This part is largely subjective of course, but the objective nature of Halo 5 put it well into a competitive sweat fest rather than a traditional Halo title.

That’s a terrible way to sell a flagship title then dude. Just flat out bad marketing for a franchise that built console FPS gameplay around “The Duke” (honestly only a nostalgia piece, ergonomically one of the worst controllers just ahead of the N64 trident).

But again from a subjective stance, having used elite controllers in the past (friends), there’s nothing that’s going to make playing on a controller feel better than using a mouse and keyboard. Sorry, I can’t be swayed. Movement felt so fluid and natural when playing Halo 5 Forge on PC, I’m not going to dedicate money and time to learning a whole different controller layout just to see if I’ll enjoy a game I already dislike for a while host of other reasons.

Halo 5 was more complicated than advanced. Maybe the elite controller made it easier, but as the part of the majority of players who used a standard controller the movement was clunky and jarring. Made it even worse when it became known that maps were built around keeping these abilities in check rather than working with them in a meaningful way.

CoD was borderline advanced for the complications it added at the time. Though it was still massively clunky, like the Devs knew what they wanted to achieve but just couldn’t figure out how.

Honestly Titanfall had the best innovations by far. Movement was seemless and almost worked the way the player wanted it to without complex button combos.

To each their own respective games of course, I don’t think copy/pasting Titanfall’s mechanics into Halo 5 would’ve benefitted the game at all, and truthfully I stand by my assertion that if Halo 4 hadn’t tried changing the mold, we would’ve had a decent classic Halo 5 experience that didn’t try to grift concurrent trends.

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With 114 Days put in Halo 5, I’ve burnt myself out of Halo 5

I think your entire perception on Halo 5 is based on you not giving it a real chance.

I think a good place to start is a movement sequence breakdown. There is a flat plain. There is a door way. The spartan does Sprint, thrust, slide, jump. There is an enemy on the other side of the door but he hasn’t appeared in the door way. He’s just behind it. The other spartan is doing a trust slide to get to that door quick before he appears at the door. Once he lands he does another jump. Hits his head on the ceiling, jumps again and does a stabilize. As he’s doing the stabilize he turns around and shoots the player behind the wall. The other player then thrusts out the way jumps then stabilizes. As the other player drops the guy who was in the air won the battle. What I’m highlighting here is individual choices. Independence. In real combat scenarios you are able to do things that just make sense. For example. You are fighting someone and you get close to a wall. You use your hand to push off the wall. Or if something is coming at you, you doge it. It’s like collison. I should be able to run into my teammates. I should be able to doge. I should be able to actually move. On top of that. These are sparatns. They are super capable at parkour/free running/acrobatics. It makes 100% sense for them to be able to move with dexterity. People call the above complicated. I say it just makes sense. Like why wouldn’t you want to battle with a thruster system? I understand the ground pound and spartan charge. They should’ve never been melee moves. They should’ve just been movement tools. You should be able to valut over ledges. Do one handed vaults on flat surfaces. Be able to side step. You don’t even have to build a thruster system so have better movement. The truster system is just the closest thing to movement that would make sense.

As for it being a trend. I think that just a sad way of putting it. How do games grow if we are ganna put games in a box like this? Each game that so called tried this advanced movement plays wildly different from eachother. That whole “but the concept is the same” argument doesn’t really work when each game shoots different. Has different modes. Different players. Everything. Call of duty players wanted boots on the ground and rightfully so. It’s a war shooter based on war elements and people weren’t flying around with jet boots in world war 2. Titan fall was it’s own thing and it was good. Yet. It’s still different. The grapple was not eqaul starts. There were different classes so you never go the same pace of the game as Halo 5 with default thrusters. And they were no titans in halo 5 either so the entire game is an extreme departure from one another. Those two games are the only games that people bring up and they all play differently so I wouldn’t call it a trend. What I will call a trend is the group think that’s been growing in the gaming communitys. Once a thing happens people are quick to label it. Are we going to call all fps games that come out with anything other than the Sprint, slide, clamber combo advanced movement? Because that’s all that’s out these days. Call of duty. Sprint,slide, clamber. Battlefield. Sprint,slide,clamber. Halo infinite. Same thing. There shouldn’t be one mold that fps should follow. Games should be free to experiment. This is probably why Halo infinite is in such a bad date because it’s trying to do so many things at once intead of the main goal of a video game. Is to make it to have fun in it. I think Halo infinite is boring and uninspired. If it had to be something “new”. It should’ve actually tried something new instead of following trends. It becoming open world. Trend. The store. Trend. It being free to play. Trend. Even the grapple itself. Trend. You go on so much about trends but 343 has been following them since day one. Why do you think Halo 4 had classes? It was because the game before that had them and 343 had to follow the foot steps. Halo 5 was 343s only love child in my opinion. They dropped the ball on MCC. Halo 4s multiplayer sucked. Halo infinites multiplayer is bare and doesn’t work sometimes. Halo 5, even if some didn’t like it, was an actual vison with some thought behind it and it worked on day one too.

The skill ceiling was raised. Simple truth is not many saw it. And Halo infinite feels no less of a sweat fest. In fact Halo infinite feels worse because everyone is so desperate Sprint slide everything and the sad part is it does make a difference. You get so little out of it but doing it makes the difference to get the edge on someone or squirm away around corner. It’s lame. Campy. Boring. With the ablities everything was a lot more to the point. I wasn’t battling someone for centuries because of static movement.


I mean. That’s a lot of play time for any game. I never want the exact same thing in a new game. Would’ve been cool to see something different than anything we’ve ever seen before

Obviously this is only my subjective anectodal opinion, but I hated H5
From a core gameplay standpoint I felt it was awful.
And the ironic thing is that the only thing I think they got right about H5, I have a feeling most of the people who liked say they liked the H5 experience in this thread they will say was awful (which speaks volumes)
:The Pistol

The movement, sprint slide clamber ground pound…spartan charge…my god…spartan charge was literal -Yoink!-…it was garbage, hot, unadultrated, unmitigrated garbage.

The Map’s were awful…lazy
Hey, you liked truth right?..well here’s that map but “remixed”
BtB?..no no no you don’t need BtB…you’ve got Warzone, so you won’t need any BtB maps…at launch…or for the 6 year life cycle of the game…

The AR…jesus…

Does infinte have its issues? 110%
That said it offers a much smoother, layered experience that offers much more depth than H5’s sprint around like an idiot mash the panic button when you run into someone as your round the corner so you spartan charge and then Ar them in .001 seconds fest

Halo 5 wasn’t a complete package until about 3 years after launch

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No, I dont. I really dont.
Never liked the gameplay, never liked the weapon sandbox, never liked the maps, never liked the movement.

The only thing I hope they bring back from H5 as soon as possible is the custom game browser and the commendations. What I also liked in H5 was the interactions between the devs & the community.
Even though I didn’t like the gameplay, thanks to the forge communitys effort some new gamemods were brought to the table - such as Roaming King, Extermination and many other gamemodes for action sack.

I didn’t like truth but plaza was a Master piece

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