Did You Major in Marine Bio? achievment won't unlock

I’m having major issues with this achievement. I’ve tried to do it about 10 or 15 times and it’s never unlocked, I figured I was doing something wrong.

Well today I tried again but with some friends, and turns out I was doing everything right because they got the achievement immediately (while I still don’t have it). Tried on both PC and Xbox, tried starting from the beginning of the mission, with no skulls, etc. but still it doesn’t pop.

Anybody else had this issue and know of a fix?

Sorry to hear you’re having trouble with it. It’s pretty simple - play through the mission as normal and when you get to the beachhead part, just go back to where(if you don’t kill the marine and board the other side of the falcon) you kill the brutes and grunts that are fighting the marines. When I got this no marines were even there, I just went to this area and it popped. If your friends got it this season you will be able to as well, just do it solo. I’m hoping for your sake it’s not a glitch like Madrigal Debut was in season 7.

I know how to do the achievement. I’m saying it literally just doesn’t pop.

I was in the same game and same place as my friends when it popped for them, but it still didn’t for me

That’s why I said to try it solo, should definitely work that way. It’s easy enough to get back there so it shouldn’t take too long.

Did you happen to start a different campaign mission after that? Some of the achievements as I recall only would pop after starting another one or were just randomly delayed for some reason.

I’ve done it solo like 15+ times in all sorts of variations. Please read the post before making suggestions that I’ve already tried

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It unlocked for me on my first attempt. Sorry for trying to help. Maybe try getting there before you board the falcon, there’s a way to get out of the map before you get to the Beachhead portion of the level over by where the legendary data pad is located

Any luck yet? I’ve since unlocked the Back for More achievement so I assure you achievements in general aren’t glitched…have you tried the alternate method I suggested?