Did you even play the first 3 games?

Dont get me wrong halo infinite is a well polished realese for a triple A in 2021. But they have not made a halo game here the have to sort out the vehicles and guns for a start ( plasma pistol, chopper charge being usless) the gamemodes and maps and graphics are great! But having no options for what games you wanna play also having less motivation to do objective than challenges! What a mess the XP is. I do like the game just not as a halo game it is definitely the best bungie replica though and the design is insane definitely looks like halo just doesn’t play or feel like it … Yet. As a free experience though it has been amazing these are only small problem compared to the state of BF2042.

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To be honest this feels exactly like a Halo game. Yeah it needs a lot of work still, but the bones are definitely Halo… besides things they can change, what about the bones doesn’t feel Halo?


I think it feels 100% like halo


the things they have nailed and that are great is.
Design ( in some frontiers )
Game modes are great too
Some new features (grapple ec)
The weapons are messy and lacking
The performance is needing work (ive crashed multiple times) semi frequent
Terrible consepts on XP, game modes battle pass .ect
CUSTOM GAMES IS BROKEN very hard replaybility
so much content missing (sad to see pay walls but im just old)

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This feels like the quintessential Halo game.


Halo has never felt as good as Infinite does. It’s a breath of fresh air having to go through 4 and 5, but now we get infinite and am excited for it’s journey.


I think most can agree this feels completely like halo…
All the things you put in the bad list here have nothing to do with whether or not it plays like halo. Vehicles/weapons being the sole exception, but the rest is just performance issues and justified gripes about the battle pass being terrible.
The sad reality is that every triple A game has serious bugs and performance issues at launch nowadays, and there are a lot of incompetency issues there, but this is definitely quality halo gameplay.

I’d say the biggest issues we should focus on are:
Needing more variety or choice for game modes.
We all know everyone wants forge and co-op, so that’s a given.
Shotguns like the CQC and forerunner Heat Wave are not bulltrue capable.
Me personally, I’d like a 5-10% bump in sprint speed.
Scan should highlight pickups in multiplayer.
Menus and customization (should be easier to go straight to customize menu, and then back to your queue, and customization in general is severely limited at the moment among other things).


I’ll say this, yeah the gameplay feels like halo, but if you remove the art from the background the menu sure as hell doesn’t look like Halo. The missing playlists, the microtransaction store & battlepass, the missing forge & gametype variety. Seems like lots of other mainstream shooters but not Halo.

I’m 100% sure the game devs behind the gameplay are halo diehards. Totally agree with you though when it comes to whoever designed the rest, they could have never touched Halo and instead just took a random sample of what fps games in the market are vaguely doing right now.

I have spent more time playing the first 3 halo games then I’ve done probably anything other single thing in my life, second only to sleeping. This game feels great and feels like halo.
Also, the first three games never had any progression system. So those saying the terrible progression will “kill the game” can go kick a tree; I never needed it before.

Music seems solid, but sound design is bad and needs work.
Graphics are not optimized and could be much better for the performance cost.
Design is okay regarding movement and equipment, weapons pickups feel weak for the most part. I’d prefer an overall dps increase to some weapons.
Game modes are fine for me, but not having the option for players to pick is bad (we at least need veto in pregame lobby).
UI is absolutely horrible, not sure why you think it is good.
Don’t forget about the desync issues that make fights feel random.

To be honest, most of the good you have listed is a bit hopeful.
The equipment style of play is a good decision, sprint basically being a slide enabler is good, no radar ranked is good, and the ranked playlist is solid except Bazaar (its only good for CTF). The rest is kind of… bad.

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I hate MANY things about this game. But the gameplay and is definitely not one of them and that is always the most important to get right.

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Except with server issues even the gameplay suffers, it’s especially noticeable on BTB.

That does seem to be happening more frequently lately.

You maybe did not but many do now. The gaming landscape is very different from back then. If I have 2 games I enjoy where one rewards me for my time and effort but the other does not, then of course people will go to the game that does.

It’s really not hard to understand. People saying “just play the game to play the game” are ignoring the fact that progression systems have become an integral part of games for over a decade. Otherwise developers wouldn’t bother monetizing it if it didn’t matter.

I feel you 100% I have no idea what everyone in the forum is smoking saying it feels like halo lol beyond the battle rifle and Spartans this would be COD… There’s very limited OG guns, grappling is waaaay out of place, bloom, etc. etc. The ones saying it is a quintessential halo, 100% a halo game are literally just brown nosing 343 at this point

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Oh, I understand, I’m just saying that it won’t kill the game, it’s an overreaction to get that forum clout. Sure, we may lose a percentage of the player base that likes participation and performance trophies for every match, but that’s not game death.
I fully stand with the community demanding an improvement, it’s clear it is needed.

If you ask me, this is the first “Halo” game 343 has made. Bringing back Joe Staten and Sketch was a great move.

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Is that why the player base is steadily dropping? Last week’s peaks
132k 11/30
117k 12/01
107k 12/02
112k 12/03
104k 12/04 (the freaking weekend ffs)
97k 12/05 (the freaking weekend ffs)

The average player count has had a 12% drop in a week and 9% before that… They need to get stuff in order they can’t keep taking a 12%+ hit to the player base