Did you enjoy the Joint Fire event? Yes or no & why?

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I would love to hear your feedback on the Joint Fire event and in hand, the Covert Flag playlist

I have seen a spectrum of answers, so I thought I would gather the information more accurately in a thread

I know, understand, appreciate and agree with how you are all feeling regarding the current game and multiplayer

I will continue to do what I can to gather information, provide feedback and gather your insights

So let’s keep it clean and constructive, so that we will be heard, not ignored; it’s our best chance of being heard and seen :slight_smile:

Much love homies, looking forward to reading your responses and hearing your perspectives :green_heart:


I didn’t take part in it. I already knew it was gonna be nothing different than playing some modes for rewards. And people have reviewed it for me as nothing special.

There is nothing in this game, or in Halo in general where you can make a special event, special enough to be a good event in Halo. Nothing you can do besides playing more gamemodes. And in Infinite’s case, that’s all you can do. The idea of “rewarded by just playing” is so basic, its ironically unrewarding.

If 343i ever wanted to create a long lasting Halo game, they should break it into a more investing formula with more engaging gameplay… Warzone F2P would’ve been a good idea !


Dunno haven’t played it yet.


It took a couple of games - but I quite enjoyed it.

It was something familiar yet different.

But you definitely needed a team who worked together to defend.

Kudos for throwing up something different for an event.

Not sure it warrants a long term play mode. But worth a try. And 343 are -Yoink!- if they do and -Yoink!- if they don’t.


I didn’t like it because I felt like the covert one flag was inherently unbalanced. If the defenders were well organised the attacking team didn’t stand much of a chance on most maps. Conversely if your team mates didn’t defend well the attackers ran away with the flag very quickly.

Other than that they need to look at ways to encourage people to play the new mode without forcing them to do it repeatedly. My idea that I expressed in another thread was that one third of the challenges would be event mode specific, one third would be easier in the event mode but possible in other modes (flag related, sword kills, commando kills etc) and the remaining third purely generic for any playlist. That way if you hate the event game mode you can eventually get all the unlocks without playing very much of it. If you like the mode then it should be pretty quick and painless to complete.

The rewards were okay even if none of them were must haves for me personally.


It wasn’t my favourite. I thoroughly enjoyed a couple of rounds and absolutely hated some others.

Ultimately, the challenges didn’t take long to get through so I stopped playing the mode.


It didn’t last long so it didn’t pull in any of my interest. Apparently there was 10 freebie cosmetics but I don’t know what they were as it wasn’t very memorable to acquire each cosmetic.

With this in mind. It was a waste of time releasing an un imaginative event.

Edit: do you think they were play testing the commando/sword/pistol/carbine thing?


As I said countless times before, 343 need to stop forcing single mode events, or give a way to progress one tier a day just by playing ANY mode. This way those of us who don’t find the new event mode fun can still participate in a reasonable pace, just by playing the game.

Compared to previous events, I feel like Joint Fire has far higher number of leavers per match.


Im 50/50 with it, but Behemoth not a good map for the mode

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As someone who almost always avoids PvP, I feel completely abandoned by Infinite. There are so many things that could be done to cater to a more relaxed crowd.

  • Firefight
  • A spiritual successor to Spartan Ops.
  • Dropping into a huge map (ODST Drop Pods intro!) and completing cooperative objectives before getting picked up by a Pelican
  • Some sort of wave defense/offense mode like the cooperative mode in Battlefront II

And other things that could be made and included in events so I could have more of a reason to play the game.


No because those forced loadouts are trash, and you can’t even pick up stuff from defeated opponents, is that a joke? Not only as an arena shooter the gane doesn’t allow you gor any customization, but on top of that it forces you into those kind of hames with forced loadouts, it just shows that despite their sweet lies 343 just never learns.


Played a couple of games tonight with mates.

By choice (event completed last week).

Actually had a lot of fun.

The tie breaker thing is a bit -yoink- though.


I find the game mode fun in a “I wouldn’t be mad if it popped up in action sack now and then” sort of way. As a genuine featured playlist though I find it loses it luster pretty quickly. I think it’d work best in a custom games environment where people communicate more and have a better grasp on what they’re doing.


Joint Ops on paper would be an interesting game mode: one flag with each team having separate kits. whats -Yoink!- tho is offense has a pistoland camo to defend themselves against a sword and sensor. imo its so damn lopsided that the winner can sometimes be determined based on who starts as defense. i feel they could fix it by switching the pulse carbine with a bulldog; not to overpowered, but enough to survive CQC.

tho as said, this isn’t a great event game mode :confused:

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I can’t lie—I’m enjoying. It. I completely understand why others aren’t having fun, but most of the matches I’ve gotten (except for the ones on Behemoth) have been a blast to play. I dunno if it’s just me, but I don’t mind Covert One Flag in the least. It’s a little unconventional, but not the worst mode out there (cough Last Spartan Standing cough).


Gotta’ be frank, fighting four energy swords, commandos and basically unlimited threat sensors is kinda’ the antithesis to fun… and launch site is terrible.


I honestly didn’t care for it for the most part. I don’t enjoy how easy it is to disappear with the flag when invisible for instance. More so on open maps, once that guy is gone you ain’t going to find him lol. You should be at least a little bit more visible when carrying objectives like the Flag while using camo. I just feel that it’s a little bit too easy to get out with the flag while camo’d, and no, it doesn’t apply with just this game mode. I see people pull this off a lot even in BTB where there’s teams of 12 that can’t find a single person that’s invisible and running with the flag.

Weapons were… Ok I guess… Plasma Rifle + pistol made for quick kills, but most defendants just spammed threat detectors everywhere in spawn and just outside of spawn and attacked people if anyone showed up.

Happy it took me 4 matches to complete the challenges, so I could go back to BTB and play that mode instead.

I think I would have enjoyed it more if it were just standard set ups and one flag CTF instead…


No. I’m not usually big on these party game modes, but this one is especially annoying for sticking you with two of the worst ranged weapons in that game, that being the Pulse Carbine and Commando. I did my challenges to get the JFO armor and never played again.


No, what was there to enjoy? Here’s a boring gametype and a piece of armor. Okay, so… This is sad and frankly I feel scammed. This game is dead and they don’t care.


With customizable Drop pods! Honestly, I think a BR could totally change Halo Infinite… For the better or for the worse.