did this happen to anyone else?

Back after the TU when I loaded up Reach for the first time for some reason my armoury and campaign was reset like I just started the game. Arena went through the startup like it was the first time I went to the playlist. However, I maintained my rank, maintained all the items in the armoury (100& armoury completion), all my commendations, all my credits. The only thing I had to do was go to the armoury and view every item to get rid of all the stars. The only problem is that my campaign is still reset. I can’t select any missions but my service record clearly states I completed the game.

Since I am mentioning it now obviously I don’t mind too much but I do find myself wanting to go and play a mission then realize I can’t because I have to start over for some odd random reason. Anybody know how to fix this so I don’t have to run through the game again just to be able to select missions to play with my kids or do challenges?

It’s happened to me once, I just had to replay the campaign, unfortunately. :confused:

I think this can happen whenever the power is dropped or even just your internet connection. I’ve noticed that when it’s happened to me it was because of those reasons.

You have to replay each level. The only way to avoid this I would think would be to use a memory card (or maybe that new cloud save feature).

This has happened to a lot of people including me it is a result of corrupted content its when you turn your xbox off while it is saving on reach and resets your campaign but if you check waypoint it still says you completed everything

4 times for me my firefight voice was reset + armor efect. 1 time armor went to default.

2 times my gf went to complete default spartan.

Nothing ever involving the campaign though.