Did they remove Strongholds from Quickplay and Bootcamp?

Last week I posted asking if Oddball was removed because I couldn’t get a match and now its the opposite problem. I’ve played all day yesterday and a few hours today on these playlists and all I seem to get is Slayer, Attrition, King of the Hill and Oddball. I checked the game types for the lists and there are strongholds in the list but after a day and a half and several rank ups I still have not completed one Strongholds match.

I will not waste a challenge skip for just a complete one match challenge. 343 get your crap together on the mixed playlist already. Just because I’m stuck (and irritated) searching for a specific match for the challenges doesn’t mean I’m going to spend money in the store. If anything, that less likely now.

This seems shady like when apple was “updating” their old phones to mess with their operating systems just to get people to buy newer phones.

You do know that you can check it by clicking on “Game list”?

Strongholds (3): Streets, Recharge, Live Fire
Slayer (5): Steets, Recharge, Live Fire, Catalyst, Behemoth
One Flag (1): Launch Site
Oddball (3): Streets, Recharge, Live Fire
KOTH (4): Streets. Recharge, Catalyst, Behemoth
CTF (3): Catalyst, Behemoth, Aquarius
Attrition (5): Recharge, Live Fire, Launch Site, Bazaar, Aquarius

Strongholds (2): Streets, Live Fire
Attrition (5): Aquarius, Bazaar. Behemoth, Catalyst, Recharge
CTF (3): Baaar, Behemoth, Catalyst
KOTH (4): Catalyst, Live Fire, Recharge, Streets
Oddball (2): Catalyst, Recharge
One Flag (1): Launch Site
Slayer (3): Aquarius, Catalyst, Streets

So that you don’t encounter strongholds as much makes sense, since it’s only a 10% (QP) 12,5% (BB) chance you get it now.

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The title question was rhetorical and sarcastic. The information you took the time to type out is pretty standard info. I do appreciate your effort.

The point I’m making is that 343 is actively toying with players.

The difference between 343’s challenges in Infinite feel like I’m being challenged by the company. Were as in the Bungie challenges for Reach I felt challenged by the game.

It took me sooooo long to finally get into a Strongholds match. I dunno maybe 30+ attempts, i lost count.

Why is SLAYER in quick play matches when it has it’s own dedicated play list?

If i want to play SLAYER i will just go for that play list. When i am selecting Quick Play i want one of the objective based games, which DOESNT have its own playlist.

@ devs ^ :slight_smile:

Strongholds has the lowest weighting to all other game modes, but it’s well documented on the forums (I’ve made a lot of threads about it) that 343 has made the challenge system alter what games you get depending on what challenges you have left to complete. Sometimes you just have to play for 5 hours to get one game.