Did they nerf armor lock?

Look i am not one of those armor lock haters/lovers but today when i was playing Halo: Reach for the first time in a few weeks i noticed armor lock doesn’t last as long anymore. I activate it (To prevent getting destroyed by suicide Grunts) and when i deactivate it i lose half of the charge, and if i have less than half charge when i deactivate it, it will be fully depleted.

It don’t remember it being like this before. Has it been nerfed (changed/fixed)?

Sadly, it has not yet been nerfed.

Did they Nerf Armor Lock?? Yes, it’s called playing The Arena(Breathe of Fresh Air) or Squad Slayer or any objective game I believe.

Looks like you got your answer. If you want to discuss Armor Lock further, please hit one of the already existing threads about this subject matter. Thanks!