Did they fix the playercards for 130

Hey guys do you know if they fixed the player cards where it would say their last completed specialization if you were a level 130. Does it say something different now or is it still the last specialization.

It’s supposed to change to “MASTERY” when you reach lvl 130.

> It’s supposed to change to “MASTERY” when you reach lvl 130.

I actually posted about this yesterday that it says Mastery when in custom games but not in match making. It took 7 min for the ADMINISTRATOR to say it was a glitch that they are working on. I was then informed that my post was moved to the waypoint forum

It says Mastery in all lobbies (except matchmaking) then its simply left blank. I’m glad the did this, before you were left with your final spec you completed.

Mine is blank, but never really bothered me.

same, never reeally cared one way what it said, I do remember seeing it say mastery last night, but played both sparten ops and big team last night but did not pay attention to if it said that in both

It’s blank only in War Games. I like to think they are trying to implement visible CSR into that space. It wouldn’t be a bad spot to put it if they can pull it off. CSR only becomes visible once you’ve hit SR130. It makes sense since once every player is at 130 they are all equal as far as loadout options. Could also explain why CSR won’t be out till April. Gives players more time to get to 130.