Did the TU break JIP

Seriously was JIP messed with at all because earlier i had around 10 or so games in a row that i JIP and once i left a game because of terrible spawns and joined it after a few minutes in the lobby. Also has anyone else had any problems with JIP?

Besides that it sucks being dropped into horribly lopsided games on the losing side of a CTF match where the opponents have complete map control and are purposefully not scoring the final flag with 5 minutes to spare? No. No problems at all.

I very rarely get placed into JIP matches and it happened a lot more yesterday. Maybe something went wrong, or maybe there were a lot more quitters than usual.

I played about 6 games about a week ago and ever game was jip.one game I played lasted about a min only got one kill it that game really not liking jip.