Did the population ever rise?

So now that Christmas has passed, and people may or may not have gotten Halo 4, has the population gone up by a substantial number yet?

Playing Black Ops 2 to stomp on Christmas noobs, I noticed that the average 600,000 population (Xbox alone) went to 754,000 and stayed around that for most of the day.

On the Zombie front, the usual 110,000 players went up to about 170,000 for the day.

Did Halo 4 get a huge influx of players?

nope, barely any
im waiting to see the peak population today though to fully conclude that

People just need to accept that halo isn’t the driving force it used to be. With the growing popularity of cod and the lessening popularity of halo, cod is the big game on top now. As cods popularity grew, halos popularity faltered. Halo was on top but like all great things that came to an end. The same thing will happen to cod. I’d be willing to bet that with next gen consoles, will come a new IP that everyone just has to have and breaks records just like cod has for sales. Nothing lasts forever. Also, comparing halos #s to cod is just stupid. Cod is the best selling game franchise ever. Halo isn’t. I love halo, all the old ones and I like halo 4 too. My opinion, is that I could care less what the population is as long as I can find games in matchmaking.



For all those who said that the population would rise massively over Christmas were wrong. Once again the competitive community was right.

Halo is no longer the driving force it was not because its competitors have gotten better but because Halo has gotten worse.