Did the AR just get nurfed?

It seems a lot weaker than it was a few days ago, noticeable change overnight. I could usually pop a shield and kill a player with one fullish clip, but now it takes a full clip to pop a shield, reload, then half a clip to kill. Is it just me? xD

Maybe your just not close enough? :slight_smile:

Ar users finally get the Ar they deserve and if it got nerfed that would really suck.

i hope not i thought it was well balanced

I haven’t used the Assault Rifle recently.
So I couldn’t tell you.

Played Doubles last night and it was working fine.

If they did, I think they would have announced it. I don’t think they did, because I still can’t tell the difference between an AR and a SAW

Why would they nerf the Ar?

The only thing i don’t like in the ar is it’s clip size. Halo ce had 60 bullets, which would make me happy

Didn’t it just get buffed like a week ago?

Possibly, but it was in the same range as before. It just seemed significantly longer than before.